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Table of Contents

Chapter: MDM (Mobile Device Management) Concepts


00m 49s

MDM Introduction and Vendor Options

03m 3s

Introduction to Profile Manager

01m 59s

Distributing Configuration Profiles

01m 11s

Apple IDs

01m 44s


03m 14s

Chapter: Setting Up OS X Server

Installing OS X Server

02m 3s

DNS (Domain Name System) Explained

01m 54s

Configuring DNS

08m 17s

Open Directory

01m 49s

Creating an Open Directory Master

04m 54s

Backing Up Your Server

05m 51s

Chapter: Setting up Profile Manager

Certificates and SSL

05m 22s

Enabling Profile Manager

06m 39s

Apple Push Notification Service

01m 36s

Chapter: Managing Devices

The Admin Portal

04m 1s

What End Users Should Know

00m 58s

Enrolling Your First Device

09m 20s

Using Configuration Profiles

06m 12s

Placeholders and Removing/Un-enrolling Devices

03m 23s

MDM Recap

03m 15s