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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 43s

Chapter: Lesson 1: UCS Hardware Components

Learning objectives

00m 54s

1.1 Model Numbers

09m 28s

1.2 Fabric Interconnect Overview

08m 52s

1.3 IO Module Overview

07m 54s

1.4 Chassis Overview

05m 27s

1.5 Description of Blades

05m 12s

1.6 Description of Virtual Interface Cards

07m 1s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Intial UCS Configuration

Learning objectives

00m 53s

2.1 Physical Components

08m 40s

2.2 Logical Components Needed for Initial Configuration

05m 8s

2.3 Initial Configuration Wizard

11m 53s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Fabric Interconnect Modes

Learning objectives

00m 58s

3.1 End Host Mode

11m 3s

3.2 Switching Mode

05m 59s

3.3 Port Types & Personalities

04m 30s

3.4 Overview of UCS Manager

10m 19s

3.5 Changing Port Types and Personalities

04m 3s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Resource Pools

Learning objectives

00m 59s

4.1 Logical Resource Pools - Part 1

10m 49s

4.2 Logical Resource Pools - Part 2

03m 34s

4.3 Physical Resource Pools

07m 46s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Service Profiles, Part 1

Learning objectives

01m 27s

5.1 Service Profile Basics

04m 28s

5.2 ID Portion of Service Profile

05m 50s

5.3 Network Portion of Service Profile

12m 1s

5.4 Storage Portion of Service Profile

09m 52s

5.5 Zoning Portion of Service Profile

02m 38s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Service Profiles, Part 2

Learning objectives

01m 14s

6.1 Server Boot Order

05m 30s

6.2 Maintenance Policy

03m 55s

6.3 Server Assignment

03m 20s

6.4 Operational Policies

04m 52s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Service Profile Templates

Learning objectives

00m 57s

7.1 Service Profile Template Overview

05m 34s

7.2 vNIC & vHBA Templates

05m 6s

7.3 Template Complexities

08m 18s

Chapter: Lesson 8: UCS Administration

Learning objectives

01m 11s

8.1 Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

06m 12s

8.2 Creating a Role and Organization

03m 49s

8.3 Logging & Smart Call Home

05m 18s

8.4 Provisioning Smart Call Home

03m 42s

8.5 Implementing Backups

05m 8s

8.6 Configuring Backups

05m 35s

Chapter: Lesson 9: C-Series Servers

Learning objectives

00m 58s

9.1 Overview of C-Series Models

07m 45s

9.2 C-Series Standalone Management - Part 1

04m 38s

9.3 C-Series Standalone Management - Part 2

07m 46s

9.4 C-Series & UCSM Integration

04m 47s

Chapter: Summary


01m 8s