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Table of Contents

Chapter: What Is HTML5?

Understanding Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

07m 46s

Learning the Parts of a Web Page

05m 15s

Writing Your First Snippets of Code

03m 1s

Understanding How Browsers Interpret HTML

01m 50s

Comparing Web Browsers and How They Display Web Pages

02m 33s

Chapter: Understanding HTML5 Markup and CSS3

Examining HTML Tags

02m 14s

Incorporating HTML5 Tags

02m 41s

Adding Style with CSS3

02m 44s

Working with CSS and HTML5 Together

03m 25s

Chapter: Beginning with Wireframing

Deciding How Your Site Will Work

05m 6s

Planning the Hierarchy of Your Site

03m 8s

Creating Your First Wireframe

02m 36s

Thinking About Usability

02m 5s

Chapter: Creating a Simple Blog Design with HTML5

Changing the DOCTYPE of Your HTML5 Document

03m 3s

Understanding the Elements of a Blog

01m 52s

Adding a Header and Footer to Your Blog

02m 52s

Posting to Your Blog

02m 12s

Adding a Sidebar with the Aside Element

03m 0s

Using Lists to Organize Content

03m 43s

Creating Tables within a Web Page

06m 4s

Chapter: Designing an HTML5 Form

Beginning to Design a Form

03m 9s

Understanding Basic Form Elements

03m 46s

Adding an Attribute to the New HTML5 Input Tag

04m 9s

Highlighting Important Content

02m 16s

Chapter: Incorporating Graphics

Understanding Web Graphic Formats

03m 24s

Graphic Format

02m 56s

Saving Graphics Properly for the Web

06m 58s

Working with Color on the Web

03m 3s

Resources for Designing with Color

03m 36s

Exploring the Canvas Tag

05m 33s

Chapter: Importing Multimedia into Your Blog

Why Use Multimedia on Your Blog?

02m 55s

Adding Audio to Your Contact Form

03m 35s

Understanding Video Types for the Web

01m 24s

Working with Video Controls

03m 30s

Chapter: Conclusion

Updating Your Blog

02m 17s

Changing the Look and Feel of Your Site

02m 15s


02m 3s