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Chapter: Introduction


02m 51s

Chapter: Questions

QUESTION #1: I am nervous about taking this test. I have heard that the fail rates are very high, and that makes me feel like the odds are already against me. Help!

03m 19s

QUESTION #2: I've started biting my nails / smoking cigarettes / eating potato chips by the bagful. What can I do to stop these 'bad habits' from becoming permanent--yet still keep my 'sanity' while I study for this test?

02m 5s

QUESTION #3: I don't have enough time to prepare. I mean, I don't even have enough time now to do my laundry or go grocery shopping! How am I supposed to fit this into my schedule, as well?

05m 54s

QUESTION #4: My spouse / partner / roommate just doesn't 'get' what I'm going through. What can I do to make them understand, and support me more?

05m 9s

QUESTION #5: What if I fail?

03m 13s

QUESTION #6: I failed the test before. I have no idea why I am putting myself through this again. What was I thinking? And what do I do now, since I've already paid to take this?

02m 28s

QUESTION #7: I have heard so much about this test, and I'm terrified. Help!

03m 44s

QUESTION #8: What can I expect this experience to be like?

01m 58s

QUESTION #9: What are the first things I need to do to get started?

05m 47s

QUESTION #10: Why doesn't SHRM support this test anymore? Why did they start offering their own certification, instead? And, is that one easier? Maybe I've made a mistake...

02m 37s

QUESTION #11: I did awful on the assessment / pre-test. Should I just give up now?

02m 55s

QUESTION #12: No one at my job knows that I'm going to be taking this test. Should I tell them so that I can get their support?

03m 26s

QUESTION #13: I was hired at my new job with the stipulation that I would take, and pass, this test. The pressure is incredible. I'm afraid I will be fired if I fail it. HELP!

05m 50s

QUESTION #14: What if I just barely pass the test?

01m 8s

QUESTION #15: Can you please just tell me what the best study plan is? I think that might be much better than me trying to develop one on my own... I would hate to be wrong about this.

03m 42s

QUESTION #16: I don't test well. I never have, and I never will. What am I going to do?

01m 39s

QUESTION #17: There is so much to study! How will I ever get through it all?

01m 38s

QUESTION #18: I have kids / a demanding job / elderly parents / some combination of the above--there is no way I can get all of this done. There--I said it. Now what?

03m 40s

QUESTION #19: I keep procrastinating. But, at the end of the day, all too often I haven't done any studying. What can I do about this?

05m 26s

QUESTION #20: I had a study plan, but I have fallen behind. WAY behind. What can I do at this point?

01m 32s

QUESTION #21: You know... I'm beginning to think that this it isn't so important to earn this certification after all. Maybe I should just stop. What do you think?

02m 46s

QUESTION #22: I have decided that I really do want to embrace this challenge...but I have no idea how to do it. Any suggestions?

03m 12s

QUESTION #23: I've been out of school for years. Actually... decades. I don't know if I can 'do this' anymore. What suggestions do you have?

02m 32s

QUESTION #24: Everyone at my job knows that I'm going to be taking this test. Their constant questions about 'how's the studying going' are making me feel even more nervous. How can I make them stop?

02m 14s

QUESTION #25: I've heard from other people who have taken the test that it's not fair... in fact, that it's tricky. How can I succeed in the face of something that just is not fair?

03m 44s

QUESTION #26: I've heard that the 'HRCI way' can be very different from what a lot of organizations are actually doing. Yet, I have to have experience to take this test. So, what if my experience doesn't coincide with what HRCI says?

03m 12s

QUESTION #27: The HR BOK (body of knowledge) is so large! How can I learn all of this--and remember it?

03m 0s

QUESTION #28: If I fail this test, I will feel like I have wasted my time, my money, and my energy. I don't know how to get past thinking about this. Do you have any ideas?

05m 43s

QUESTION #29: One or two of the six functional areas are totally irrelevant to me, to my employer, and to what I want to do. To be blunt... I HATE this! What can I do?

02m 28s

QUESTION #30: There are just too many laws and too many cases--and I have a problem with that. This country is too litigious--and now I'm being forced to study this? To LEARN this?

04m 1s

Chapter: Summary


01m 47s