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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to Blender LiveLessons: Introduction

05m 28s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Blender Basics

Learning Objectives

01m 36s

1.1 Download Blender

05m 53s

1.2 Install Blender

06m 28s

1.3 Understand Blender's interface elements

15m 0s

1.4 Understand Areas

10m 47s

1.5 Understand Editors

26m 54s

1.6 Manage Workspaces

03m 52s

1.7 Configure Blender

19m 43s

Chapter: Lesson 2: 3D Navigation and Selections

Learning Objectives

01m 10s

2.1 Use the keyboard and mouse

02m 32s

2.2 Pan, Orbit, and Zoom

02m 1s

2.3 Use navigation keyboard shortcuts and options

10m 23s

2.4 Configure the 3D View

26m 13s

2.5 Select objects

11m 39s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Creating Your First Scene with Blender

Learning Objectives

01m 56s

3.1 Understand the 3D Cursor

09m 17s

3.2 Create objects

06m 17s

3.3 Transform objects

04m 39s

3.4 Add modifiers

05m 26s

3.5 Add basic materials with Blender Render

09m 29s

3.6 Add basic materials with Cycles

08m 45s

3.7 Light the scene with Blender Render

07m 10s

3.8 Light the scene with Cycles

04m 53s

3.9 Understand drawing options in the 3D View

03m 39s

3.10 Render the scene with Blender Render

06m 39s

3.11 Render the scene with Cycles

08m 27s

3.12 Save the render result

03m 4s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Advanced Object Manipulation

Learning Objectives

01m 4s

4.1 Transform objects with keyboard shortcuts

10m 18s

4.2 Use snapping options

09m 57s

4.3 Understand datablocks

15m 8s

4.4 Duplicate objects

03m 35s

4.5 Use linked duplicates (instances)

06m 12s

4.6 Use pivot points

03m 23s

4.7 Modify objects' origins

03m 39s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Using Modifiers

Learning Objectives

00m 47s

5.1 Add modifiers

07m 28s

5.2 Know the most used modifiers

20m 57s

5.3 Apply modifiers

06m 32s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Modeling in Edit Mode

Learning Objectives

00m 53s

6.1 Switch interaction modes

08m 37s

6.2 Understand vertices, edges, and faces

08m 43s

6.3 Select elements

22m 31s

6.4 Use main modeling tools

33m 17s

6.5 Modeling practice

28m 33s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Unwrapping and UVs

Learning Objectives

00m 54s

7.1 Understand UVs

05m 14s

7.2 Project basic UVs

19m 32s

7.3 Understand advanced unwrapping

22m 34s

7.4 Test UVs

25m 0s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Materials and Textures

Learning Objectives

00m 57s

8.1 Understand materials in Blender Render

13m 32s

8.2 Understand materials in Cycles

10m 37s

8.3 Understand node materials in Cycles

10m 17s

8.4 Use textures in Blender Render

16m 30s

8.5 Use textures in Cycles

11m 37s

8.6 Use additional material options

08m 9s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Introduction to Rigging

Learning Objectives

01m 2s

9.1 Create an Armature

06m 9s

9.2 Manipulate bones

06m 52s

9.3 Use parenting and constraints

15m 1s

9.4 Create a rig

20m 55s

9.5 Deform meshes

14m 30s

9.6 Use Drivers

13m 11s

Chapter: Lesson 10: Introduction to Animation

Learning Objectives

01m 12s

10.1 Understand animation Editors

06m 15s

10.2 Set keyframes

07m 19s

10.3 Add timing to the animation

06m 26s

10.4 Understand animation curves

08m 50s

10.5 Use actions and the NLA Editor

11m 45s

Chapter: Lesson 11: Rendering in Blender Render

Learning Objectives

00m 54s

11.1 Add lights

07m 22s

11.2 Configure the render

05m 37s

11.3 Set output

04m 9s

11.4 Launch the render

05m 27s

Chapter: Lesson 12: Rendering in Cycles

Learning Objectives

00m 53s

12.1 Add lights

05m 42s

12.2 Configure the render

06m 19s

12.3 Launch the render

11m 39s

Chapter: Lesson 13: Introduction to Compositing

Learning Objectives

01m 1s

13.1 Understand nodes

06m 55s

13.2 Understand Mix and Alpha Over nodes

07m 28s

13.3 Use color correction nodes

07m 31s

13.4 Use Render Layers

08m 59s

13.5 Finish the composite

13m 21s

Chapter: Summary

Introduction to Blender LiveLessons: Summary

04m 12s