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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Adobe Audition CS6

Meeting Adobe Audition

07m 44s

The Core Audition Interface Elements

11m 42s

The Tools

07m 30s

Chapter: Importing and Managing Media Files

Importing Audio Files and Browsing Media

07m 49s

Extracting Audio from a CD

02m 7s

Importing Video Files

04m 43s

Importing XML Files

02m 31s

Chapter: Working with Sound Files

Comparing Waveforms and the Spectral Display

08m 39s

Adjusting Audio Level and Using the Clipboard

08m 1s

Adding Special Effects to a File

06m 23s

Using the Effects Rack to Combine Effects

09m 47s

Using Effects to Clean Up Your Audio

07m 9s

Using the Spectral Frequency Display to Clean Up Your Audio

06m 11s

Automatic Pitch Correction

05m 47s

Using the Paintbrush Selection Tool

04m 48s

The Doppler Shifter Effect

04m 46s

Chapter: Introduction to Multitrack Sessions

Creating a Multitrack Session

09m 33s

Getting to Know the Multitrack Editor Interface Elements

10m 34s

Adding Audio Clips to a Multitrack Session

05m 15s

Meeting the Mixer

12m 38s

Using Multitrack Session Templates

09m 17s

The Channel Map Editor

05m 4s

VST Plug-Ins

05m 3s

Chapter: Multitrack Editing

Comparing Track-Based and Clip-Based Effects

06m 48s

Track-Based Routing, Level, and Panning

07m 33s

Adjusting Levels and Panning over Time with Envelopes

09m 48s

Matching Audio Level on Multitrack Clips

07m 22s

Clip Grouping and Time Stretching

07m 43s

Burning a Music CD

05m 23s

Chapter: Integration with the Creative Suite

Sending a Sequence from Premiere Pro to Audition

07m 3s

Saving Your Multitrack Session to Different Formats

08m 18s

Sending Your Multitrack Session to Premiere Pro

03m 26s

OMF and XML Export

07m 37s