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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to WordPress

What WordPress Is and Why to Use It

02m 31s vs.

04m 12s

Tools You Should Have

05m 54s

WordPress Technical Requirements/Recommendations

02m 4s Installation Options

03m 33s

Chapter: Installing WordPress Yourself

WordPress Code and Database Settings

03m 42s

Editing the Configuration File

07m 6s

Uploading WordPress Files

04m 2s

Running the Installer

03m 30s

Possible Gotcha- File Permissions

10m 23s

Advanced- Setting Up the Database (Mostly) Yourself

06m 35s

Advanced- Installing WordPress on Your Own Computer

07m 18s

Advanced- Moving WordPress from Folder to Root

05m 9s

Chapter: Initial Configuration

Hiding and Showing Settings with "Screen Options"

03m 50s

A Few Settings to Configure Right Away

06m 44s

Security Tweaks 1- .htaccess Tweaks

06m 56s

Security Tweaks 2- Extra Admin Protection

05m 48s

Chapter: Writing and Managing Content

Posts Overview

04m 41s

Writing a Post

09m 13s

Post Formats

03m 0s

Working with Post Revisions

02m 40s

Pages Overview

07m 31s

Categories and Tags

05m 34s


07m 48s

Media Library

04m 7s

Working with Media in Posts

09m 5s


05m 21s


09m 23s

RSS Feeds

02m 47s

Chapter: Theming and Visual Design

Themes Overview

03m 35s

Basic Theme Configuration

07m 19s


08m 13s

Choosing and Installing a Free Theme

07m 15s

Good Idea- Create a Child Theme from Twenty Eleven

07m 13s

Chapter: Customizing Your Site with Plugins

What Plugins Are and Where to Get Them

05m 42s

Installing Plugins

03m 36s

Essential Plugins 1- Cache

06m 12s

Essential Plugins 2- Spam Protection

05m 28s

Essential Plugins 3- Photos and Media

07m 35s

Essential Plugins 4- Forms

05m 52s

Essential Plugins 5- Analytics

06m 27s

Chapter: Maintaining WordPress

Making Backups

07m 27s

Updating Your WordPress Core

06m 16s

Updating Plugins and Themes

05m 6s

Advanced- Updating "This Old WordPress"

04m 24s

Chapter: Find Out More

Introduction to the WordPress Codex

02m 1s

Other Online Sources of Help

03m 33s

Giving Back and Meeting Up

03m 24s