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Table of Contents

Chapter: Lesson 1: Answering Common Questions

1.0 Learning objectives

01m 18s

1.1 How should I use these videos?

02m 5s

1.2 What is a programming language?

04m 1s

1.3 Why are there so many programming languages?

04m 50s

1.4 What is Java?

04m 41s

1.5 How much math is involved?

02m 26s

1.6 What skills do I need?

03m 5s

1.7 What kind of computer do I need?

03m 10s

1.8 What is the most difficult part of programming?

04m 0s

1.9 How do I find answers to questions, problems, and errors?

03m 45s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Diving in with Your First Android App

2.0 Learning objectives

01m 17s

2.1 View the Android developer website

06m 43s

2.2 Install the Java Development Kit (JDK)

10m 25s

2.3 Install Android Studio

03m 24s

2.4 Create a 'Hello, World!' app

07m 57s

2.5 Examine the Android Studio interface

05m 4s

2.6 Set up an emulator

09m 14s

2.7 Set up a device

09m 27s

2.8 Review what you have learned

03m 43s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Starting to Code

3.0 Learning objectives

01m 21s

3.1 Look at the Java code

07m 32s

3.2 Look at the XML

15m 51s

3.3 Code for the first time

07m 59s

3.4 Comment your code

06m 45s

3.5 Look for braces

05m 21s

3.6 Identify classes and methods

07m 50s

3.7 Review what you have learned

03m 34s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Creating and Using a Class

4.0 Learning objectives

01m 6s

4.1 Understand the basics of object-oriented programming

06m 59s

4.2 Create your first class

06m 4s

4.3 Create primitive types

17m 54s

4.4 Update the constructor

11m 27s

4.5 Instantiate the class

04m 32s

4.6 Create getter methods

08m 0s

4.7 Create setter methods

11m 48s

4.8 Document methods

09m 0s

4.9 Review what you have learned

05m 12s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Using Strings and Logging

5.0 Learning objectives

01m 20s

5.1 Understand and use strings

06m 49s

5.2 Log data with string concatenation

10m 53s

5.3 Run into a NullPointerException

10m 28s

5.4 Understand the static keyword

11m 57s

5.5 Examine the Activity class

04m 15s

5.6 Review what you have learned

07m 16s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Adding Android Interactivity

6.0 Learning objectives

01m 27s

6.1 Understand the purpose and function of the Activity

01m 40s

6.2 Look at resources in more detail

10m 53s

6.3 Break down the XML

14m 7s

6.4 Analyze the existing layout

11m 10s

6.5 Add a button

08m 46s

6.6 Listen to the button

11m 10s

6.7 Create an anonymous class

04m 49s

6.8 Review what you have learned

06m 7s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Using Input to Create Objects

7.0 Learning objectives

01m 41s

7.1 Add new views

14m 56s

7.2 Read user input

16m 34s

7.3 Display the output text

14m 2s

7.4 Debug errors

09m 10s

7.5 Validate string fields

10m 23s

7.6 Use resources and string substitution

13m 50s

7.7 Support another language easily

09m 15s

7.8 Compare numbers and change the output

19m 20s

7.9 Review what you have learned

06m 33s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Working with Abstraction and Collections

8.0 Learning objectives

01m 38s

8.1 Create child classes

11m 1s

8.2 Use an abstract class

09m 28s

8.3 Create an array to store inputs

15m 23s

8.4 Loop through an array

16m 12s

8.5 Use a List

14m 8s

8.6 Determine which class an object is

10m 22s

8.7 Find objects with a Map

08m 32s

8.8 Throw a custom exception

10m 51s

8.9 Review what you have learned

02m 29s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Building an Application Layout

9.0 Learning objectives

01m 13s

9.1 Create a new project

09m 24s

9.2 Understand what a Fragment is

17m 1s

9.3 Set up the detail display with a LinearLayout

11m 8s

9.4 Change the detail display to a RelativeLayout

10m 27s

9.5 Understand images and density

12m 28s

9.6 Prepare code for the detail layout

11m 52s

9.7 Review the app so far

03m 32s

Chapter: Lesson 10: Developing the Application Data

10.0 Learning objectives

01m 8s

10.1 Define an abstract class with an abstract method

05m 35s

10.2 Create subclasses and implement the abstract method

09m 12s

10.3 Refactor subclasses to avoid repetition

05m 43s

10.4 Use enums for finite instances

13m 20s

10.5 Define strings for display

08m 51s

10.6 Use enums in an adapter

13m 41s

10.7 Review the progress

04m 39s

Chapter: Lesson 11: Updating the UI with User Data

11.0 Learning objectives

00m 57s

11.1 Pass enums to a Fragment or Activity

18m 46s

11.2 Update the UI based on an enum

02m 7s

11.3 Calculate weight on a planet

07m 16s

11.4 Save inputs with SharedPreferences

07m 26s

11.5 Recover inputs with SharedPreferences

08m 29s

11.6 Review the full app

05m 2s

12.0 Summary

01m 40s