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Table of Contents

Chapter: Part 1 Introduction

Introduction to iOS 8 App-Development Fundamentals with Swift, Part I

21m 7s

Chapter: BeforeYouBegin: Setting Up Your Development Environment

Lesson Introduction

02m 16s

Before You Begin: Configuring Your System for iOS Development

18m 3s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Introduction to iOS 8 App Development and Swift

Lesson Introduction

01m 53s

Test-Driving the Completed Application Using the iPhone Simulator

14m 31s

Test-Driving the Completed Application on an iOS Device

08m 55s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Welcome App Dive-Into® Xcode

Lesson Introduction

05m 46s

Test-Driving the Completed Welcome App

03m 38s

Technologies Overview

10m 3s

Creating and Configuring a Project

09m 3s

Xcode Workspace Window

07m 42s

Keyboard Shortcuts

01m 23s

Storyboarding the UI—Configuring Portrait and Landscape Orientations

02m 53s

Storyboarding the UI—Providing an App Icon

06m 56s

Storyboarding the UI—Creating an Image Set for the App’s Image

02m 46s

Storyboarding the UI—Overview of the Storyboard

04m 24s

Storyboarding the UI—Adding an Image View to the UI and Using Inspectors to Configure the Image View

07m 13s

Storyboarding the UI—Adding and Configuring the Label

08m 22s

Storyboarding the UI—Using Auto Layout to Support Different Screen Sizes and Orientations; Running the completed app

19m 46s

Making Your App Accessible

13m 15s

Internationalizating Your App

02m 10s

Locking Your UI

03m 28s

Exporting Your Ui’s String Resources

04m 51s

Translating the String Resources

07m 2s

Importing the Translated String Resources

04m 7s

Testing the App in Spanish in the Simulator or on a Device

06m 22s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Tip Calculator App

Lesson Introduction

05m 2s

Technologies Overview—Swift Programming

03m 20s

Technologies Overview—Swift Apps and the Cocoa Touch Frameworks

02m 13s

Technologies Overview—Importing Frameworks; UI Components; View Controllers

03m 0s

Technologies Overview—Linking UI Components to Your Swift Code

02m 19s

Technologies Overview—Performing Tasks After a View Loads

03m 1s

Technologies Overview—Financial Calculations with NSDecimalNumber; Swift’s Numeric Types

02m 40s

Technologies Overview—Locale-Specific Numeric Formatting

01m 1s

Technologies Overview—Briding Between Swift and Objective-C

03m 40s

Technologies Overview—Operator Overloading

01m 30s

Technologies Overview—Variable Initialization and Swift Optional Types

03m 39s

Technologies Overview—Value Types vs. Reference Types

06m 54s

Creating the TipCalculator Project

03m 8s

Configuring the Size Classes for Designing a Portrait Orientation iPhone App

03m 39s

Adding the UI Components—Adding the “Bill Amount” Label

01m 59s

Adding the UI Components—Adding the Label That Displays the Formatted User Input

04m 43s

Adding the UI Components—Adding the “Custom Tip Percentage” Label and a Label to Display the Current Custom Tip Percentage

02m 6s

Adding the UI Components—Creating the Custom Tip Percentage Slider

01m 43s

Adding the UI Components—Adding the “15%” and “18%” Labels

02m 23s

Adding the UI Components—Creating the Labels that Display the Tips and Totals

06m 20s

Adding the UI Components—Creating the “Tip” and “Total” Labels to the Left of the Yellow Labels

02m 0s

Adding the UI Components—Creating the Text Field for Receiving User Input

04m 20s

Adding the Auto Layout Constraints—Adding the Missing Auto Layout Contraints

03m 29s

Adding the Auto Layout Constraints—Setting the Yellow Labels to Have Equal Widths

04m 30s

Adding the Auto Layout Constraints—Debugging the Missing “18%” Label

05m 38s

Creating Outlets with Interface Builder

09m 47s

Creating Actions with Interface Builder

07m 6s

Class ViewController—import Declarations

04m 24s

Class ViewController—Class Definition

03m 33s

Class ViewController—@IBOutlet Properties, Automatic Reference Counting and Property Attributes

08m 55s

Class ViewController—Other Properties

07m 0s

Class ViewController—Overridden Method viewDidLoad

06m 53s

Class ViewController—Action Method calculateTip

25m 16s

Class ViewController—Global String Formatting and Overloaded Operator Functions

08m 6s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Twitter Searches App

Lesson Introduction

06m 27s

Test-Driving the Completed Twitter Searches App

18m 16s

Technologies Overview—Master-Detail Application Template

02m 11s

Technologies Overview—Web View and Displaying Web Content in An App

01m 32s

Technologies Overview—Swift: Array and Dictionary Collections

07m 31s

Technologies Overview—NSUserDefaults for Local Key-Value Storage of App Settings

01m 57s

Technologies Overview—iCloud Key-Value Pair Storage with NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore

03m 8s

Technologies Overview—Social Framework

01m 52s

Technologies Overview—Swift: Conforming to Protocols

02m 50s

Technologies Overview—Swift: Exposing Methods to Cocoa Touch Libraries

01m 23s

Technologies Overview—UIAlertController for Alert Dialogs

01m 13s

Technologies Overview—UILongPressGestureRecognizer

01m 40s

Technologies Overview—Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern

02m 54s

Technologies Overview—Other iOS Design Patterns Used in this App

03m 0s

Technologies Overview—Swift: External Parameter Names

06m 25s

Technologies Overview—Swift: Closures

02m 27s

Building the UI—Creating the Project

02m 1s

Building the UI—Examining the Default Master Detail Application

10m 8s

Building the UI—Configuring the Master and Detail Views

04m 46s

Building the UI—Creating Class Model

04m 21s

Model.swift—ModelDelegate Protocol

03m 28s

Model.swift—Model Properties

05m 19s

Model.swift—Model Initializer and synchronize Method

16m 50s

Model.swift—Model Methods tagAtIndex, queryForTag and queryForTagAtIndex, and Property count

03m 33s

Model.swift—Model Method deleteSearchAtIndex

05m 51s

Model.swift—Model Method moveTagAtIndex

02m 16s

Model.swift—Model Method updateUserDefaults

06m 10s

Model.swift—Model Method updateSearches

06m 5s

Model.swift—Model Method performUpdates

23m 47s

Model.swift—Model Method saveQuery

05m 26s

MasterViewController: Properties and modelDataChanged Method

10m 52s

MasterViewController: awakeFromNib Method

04m 41s

MasterViewController: Overridden UIViewController Method viewDidLoad and Method AddButtonPressed

12m 52s

MasterViewController: Methods tableViewCellLongPressed and displayLongPressOptions

13m 4s

MasterViewController: Method displayAddEditSearchAlert

13m 21s

MasterViewController: Method shareSearch

06m 49s

MasterViewController: Overridden UIViewController Method prepareForSegue

11m 7s

MasterViewController: Method urlEncodeString

03m 13s

MasterViewController: UITableViewDataSource Callback Methods

19m 9s

DetailViewController Class

10m 26s

Chapter: Part 2 Introduction

Introduction to iOS 8 App-Development Fundamentals with Swift, Part 2

16m 4s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Flag Quiz App

Lesson Introduction

05m 26s

Test-Driving the Completed Flag Quiz App

04m 27s

Technologies Overview—Designing a Storyboard

02m 9s

Technologies Overview—UINavigationController

01m 5s

Technologies Overview—Storyboard Segues

01m 41s

Technologies Overview—UISegmentedControls

01m 41s

Technologies Overview—UISwitches

01m 18s

Technologies Overview—Outlet Collections

02m 24s

Technologies Overview—Using the App‚Äôs Main NSBundle to Get a List of Image Filenames

03m 25s

Technologies Overview—Using Grand Central Dispatch to Perform a Task in the Future

03m 17s

Technologies Overview—Applying an Animation to a UIView

02m 29s

Technologies Overview—Darwin Module

01m 1s

Technologies Overview—Random-Number Generation

02m 50s

Technologies Overview—Swift Programming Language Features Used in This App

08m 52s

Creating the Project

02m 42s

Designing the Storyboard—Embedding the UIViewController in a UINavigationController

03m 36s

Designing the Storyboard—Configuring the View Controller for the Quiz Scene

02m 27s

Designing the Storyboard—Adding the View Controller for the Settings Scene and Creating a Segue from the Quiz Scene to the Settings Scene

04m 18s

Designing the Storyboard—Running the App in the Simulator to Test the Segue

00m 52s

Configuring the View Controller Classes

05m 12s

Creating the UI for the QuizViewController

09m 22s

Auto Layout Settings for the QuizViewController

09m 12s

QuizViewController Outlets and Actions

06m 49s

Creating the UI for the SettingsViewController

08m 18s

SettingsViewController Outlets and Actions

04m 6s

Creating Class Model

00m 54s

Adding the Flag Images to the App

01m 45s

Model Class—ModelDelegate Protocol

02m 7s

Model Class—Properties

03m 18s

Model Class—Initializer and regionsChanged Method

09m 0s

Model Class—Computed Properties

03m 27s

Model Class—Methods toggleRegion, setNumberOfGuesses and notifyDelegate

05m 5s

Model Class—Method newQuizCountries

02m 34s

QuizViewController Class—Properties

05m 2s

QuizViewController Class—Overridden UIViewController Method viewDidLoad, and Methods settingsChanged and resetQuiz

04m 42s

QuizViewController Class—Methods nextQuestion and countryFromFilename

11m 8s

QuizViewController Class—Method submitGuess

09m 23s

QuizViewController Class—Method shakeFlag

05m 2s

QuizViewController Class—Method displayQuizResults

03m 4s

QuizViewController Class—Overridden UIViewController Method prepareForSegue

01m 46s

QuizViewController Class—Array Extension shuffle

02m 35s

SettingsViewController Class—Properties

04m 21s

SettingsViewController Class—Overridden UIViewController Method viewDidLoad

02m 36s

SettingsViewController Class—Event Handles and Method displayErrorDialog

04m 35s

SettingsViewController Class—Overridden UIViewController Method viewWillDisappear

01m 24s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Cannon Game App

Lesson Introduction

05m 58s

Test-Driving the Cannon Game App

04m 53s

Technologies Overview—Xcode Game Template and SpriteKit

01m 58s

Technologies Overview—Adding Sound with the AVFoundation Framework and AVAudioPlayer

00m 49s

Technologies Overview—SpriteKit Framework Classes

04m 40s

Technologies Overview—SpriteKit Game Loop and Animation Frames

06m 28s

Technologies Overview—Physics

02m 52s

Technologies Overview—Collision Detection and the SKPhysicsContactDelegate Protocol

04m 32s

Technologies Overview—CGGeometry Structures and Functions

04m 3s

Technologies Overview—Overriding UIResponder Method touchesBegan

01m 34s

Technologies Overview—Swift Features

03m 22s

Technologies Overview—NSLocalizedString

01m 44s

Creating the Project and Classes

10m 29s

Overview of the app created by the Game template

05m 56s

GameViewController Class—Overridden UIViewController Method viewDidLoad

13m 17s

GameViewController Class—Why are the AVAudioPlayer Variables Global

03m 9s

GameViewController Class—Autogenerated Methods that we deleted

02m 18s

Blocker Class—BlockerSize enum and Class Blocker’s Properties

06m 43s

Blocker Class—Initializers

15m 44s

Blocker Class—Methods startMoving, playHitSound and blockerTimePenalty

04m 12s

Target Class—TargetSize and TargetColor enums

02m 24s

Target Class—Properties

01m 2s

Target Class—Initializers

06m 31s

Target Class—Methods startMoving, playHitSound and targetTimeBonus

02m 40s

Cannon Class—Properties

03m 17s

Cannon Class—Initializers

04m 53s

Cannon Class—Method rotateToPointAndFire

05m 33s

Cannon Class—Method s fireCannonball and createCannonball

05m 54s

GameScene Class—CollisionCategory struct

03m 55s

GameScene Class—Properties

03m 0s

GameScene Class—Method didMoveToView

09m 40s

GameScene Class—Method createLabels

05m 3s

GameScene Class—SKPhysicsContactDelegate Method didBeginContact and Supporting Methods

05m 46s

GameScene Class—Overridden UIResponder Method touchesBegan

02m 23s

GameScene Class—Overridden SKScene Method update and Method gameOver

05m 33s

GameOverScene Class

05m 31s

Programmatic Internationalization

10m 22s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Doodlz App

Lesson Introduction

03m 29s

Test-Driving the Doodlz App

06m 48s

Technologies Overview—UIView, drawRect, UIBezierPaths and the UIKit Graphics System

03m 16s

Technologies Overview—Processing Multiple Touch Events

02m 49s

Technologies Overview—Listening for Motion Events

01m 47s

Technologies Overview—Rendering the Drawing as a UIImage

02m 34s

Technologies Overview—Storyboard Loading and Initialization

01m 13s

Creating the Project

01m 21s

Creating the Initial View Controller’s User Interface

12m 39s

Creating the Color View Controller’s User Interface

17m 24s

Creating the Stroke View Controller’s User Interface

12m 4s

Adding the Squiggle Class

01m 40s

ViewController Class—Property; Delegate Methods

04m 11s

ViewController Class—Overridden UIViewController Method prepareForSegue

03m 15s

ViewController Class—Methods undoButtonPressed, clearButtonPressed and displayEraseDialog

03m 14s

ViewController Class—Overridden UIResponder Method motionEnded

02m 0s

ViewController Class—Method actionButtonPressed

02m 20s

Squiggle Class

06m 37s

DoodleView Class—Properties

02m 46s

DoodleView Class—Initializer

02m 37s

DoodleView Class—Methods undo and clear

02m 29s

DoodleView Class—Overridden UIView Method drawRect

02m 8s

DoodleView Class—Overridden UIResponder Methods for Touch Handling

06m 58s

DoodleView Class—Computed Property image

04m 42s

ColorViewController Class

08m 12s

StrokeViewController Class

06m 27s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Address Book App

Lesson Introduction

04m 18s

Test-Driving the Address Book App

05m 32s

Technologies Overview—Enabling Core Data Support

02m 14s

Technologies Overview—Data Model and Xcode’s Data Model Editor

02m 20s

Technologies Overview—Core Data Framework Classes and Protocols

04m 13s

Technologies Overview—UITableView Cell Styles

01m 38s

Technologies Overview—UITableView Static Cells

00m 49s

Technologies Overview—Listening for Keyboard Show and Hide Notifications

01m 17s

Technologies Overview—Programmatically Scrolling a UITableView

01m 11s

Technologies Overview—UITextFieldDelegate Methods

00m 57s

Creating the Project and Testing the Default App

03m 9s

Editing the Data Model

04m 32s

Generating the Contact Subclass of NSManagedObject

07m 27s

Customizing the MasterViewController

05m 13s

Customizing the DetailViewController

09m 46s

Adding the AddEditTableViewController

18m 57s

Adding the InstructionsViewController

06m 46s

MasterViewController Class—Protocol Conformance, Properties and the awakeFromNib method

06m 12s

MasterViewController Class—Overridden UIViewController Method viewWillAppear and Method displayFirstContactOrInstructions

04m 49s

MasterViewController Class—Overridden UIViewController Method viewDidLoad

01m 14s

MasterViewController Class—Overridden UIViewController Method prepareForSegue

09m 55s

MasterViewController Class—AddEditTableViewControllerDelegate Method didSaveContact

06m 35s

MasterViewController Class—DetailViewControllerDelegate Method didEditContact

00m 42s

MasterViewController Class—Method displayError

01m 7s

MasterViewController Class—UITableViewDelegate Methods

08m 57s

MasterViewController Class—Autogenerated NSFetchedResultsController and NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate Methods

06m 0s

DetailViewController Class—DetailViewControllerDelegate Protocol

00m 42s

DetailViewController Class—Properties

01m 57s

DetailViewController Class—Overridden UIViewController Method viewDidLoad and Method displayContact

02m 49s

DetailViewController Class—AddEditTableViewControllerDelegate Method didSaveContact

01m 31s

DetailViewController Class—Overridden UIViewController Method prepareForSegue

03m 1s

AddEditTableViewController Class—AddEditTableViewControllerDelegate Protocol

01m 13s

AddEditTableViewController Class—Properties

03m 46s

AddEditTableViewController Class—Overridden UIViewController Methods viewWillAppear and viewWillDisappear

04m 0s

AddEditTableViewController Class—Overridden UIViewController Method viewDidLoad

03m 14s

AddEditTableViewController Class—Methods keyboardWillShow and keyboardWillHide

07m 54s

AddEditTableViewController Class—UITextFieldDelegate Method textFieldShouldReturn

01m 33s

AddEditTableViewController Class—@IBAction saveButtonPressed

03m 28s

AppDelegate Class—UIApplicationDelegate Protocol Method application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:

02m 48s

AppDelegate Class—UISplitViewControllerDelegate Protocol Method

01m 24s

AppDelegate Class—Properties and Methods That Support the App’s Core Data Capabilities

02m 52s