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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to the FreeBSD Open-Source Operating System: Introduction

02m 8s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Introduction to the FreeBSD Community

Learning objectives

00m 23s

1.1 Understand the FreeBSD Community

24m 33s

1.2 Compare FreeBSD with Linux

10m 53s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Introduction to the Kernel

Learning objectives

00m 28s

2.1 Understand process components

13m 57s

2.2 Optimize use of system calls

28m 14s

2.3 Use timers

23m 21s

2.4 Understand locking hierarchy

25m 32s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Processes

Learning objectives

00m 27s

3.1 Understand process structures

29m 59s

3.2 Select scheduling algorithms

14m 9s

3.3 Handle asynchronous events

01m 52s

3.4 Use process groups and sessions

05m 58s

3.5 Operate jails

15m 19s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Virtual Memory

Learning objectives

00m 27s

4.1 Understand virtual memory layout

08m 52s

4.2 Use physical memory and swap space

08m 41s

4.3 Understand process address space

11m 39s

4.4 Use kernel memory allocation

12m 58s

4.5 Understand types of pages

11m 2s

Chapter: Lesson 5: I/O System Overview

Learning objectives

00m 28s

5.1 Understand kernel I/O structure

19m 30s

5.2 Program multiplexing I/O

17m 58s

5.3 Understand I/O descriptors

11m 51s

5.4 Connect to the filesystem interface

12m 41s

5.5 Understand the contents of a vnode

31m 47s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Devices

Learning objectives

00m 27s

6.1 Understand special devices

05m 5s

6.2 Understand device naming and access

10m 0s

6.3 Use disk volume management

10m 19s

6.4 Use the FreeBSD disk I/O subsystem

02m 14s

6.5 Understand autoconfiguration

19m 43s

Chapter: Lesson 7: The Fast Filesystem

Learning objectives

00m 29s

7.1 Understand the history of the fast filesystem

17m 43s

7.2 Use the current UNIX filesystem

03m 29s

7.3 Understand the purpose of an inode

29m 30s

7.4 Optimize I/O in UNIX

04m 28s

7.5 Optimize storage utilization

18m 12s

7.6 Maintain filesystem consistency

25m 31s

Chapter: Lesson 8: The ZFS Filesystem

Learning objectives

00m 24s

8.1 Understand the Zettabyte filesystem

16m 25s

8.2 Understand ZFS modules

07m 45s

8.3 Understand the ZFS functional organization

08m 1s

8.4 Understand the ZFS structural organization

08m 36s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Networking and Interprocess Communication

Learning objectives

00m 31s

9.1 Understand the flow of packets through the network

13m 28s

9.2 Use sockets and network protocols

27m 15s

9.3 Understand mbufs and data queueing

17m 48s

9.4 Connect to the network interface

12m 26s

9.5 Understand Internet addressing IP version 6 (IPv6)

10m 48s

9.6 Understand routing design and strategies

15m 27s

Chapter: Summary

Introduction to the FreeBSD Open-Source Operating System: Summary

00m 41s