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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

ITIL Foundation Exam LiveLessons: Introduction

05m 25s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Laying the ITIL Groundwork

Learning Objectives

00m 59s

1.1 ITIL: Overview and History

27m 1s

1.2 ITIL Certifications and the Foundation Exam

14m 45s

1.3 Service Management as a Practice

28m 3s

1.4 All About Processes

15m 27s

1.5 Roles: Who Does What

20m 0s

1.6 The Service Lifecycle

22m 36s

1.7 Sample Questions Based on Lesson 1

08m 18s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Service Strategy

Learning Objectives

01m 15s

2.1 Service Strategy Overview and Basics

14m 19s

2.2 Value, Value, Value

18m 50s

2.3 Patterns of Business Activity

09m 37s

2.4 Service Portfolio Management

12m 23s

2.5 Financial Management for IT Services

12m 55s

2.6 Business Relationship Management

07m 55s

2.7 Service Strategy Deliverables

05m 12s

2.8 Sample Questions Based on Lesson 2

08m 2s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Service Design

Learning Objectives

01m 52s

3.1 Service Design Overview

21m 16s

3.2 Five Aspects and Four Ps

23m 44s

3.3 Service Catalogue Management

13m 43s

3.4 Service Level Management, Part 1

56m 27s

3.5 Service Level Management, Part 2

41m 8s

3.6 Capacity Management

20m 39s

3.7 Availability Management

26m 11s

3.8 IT Service Continuity Management

18m 9s

3.9 Information Security Management

12m 4s

3.10 Supplier Management

08m 28s

3.11 Design Coordination

09m 24s

3.12 Service Design Deliverables

06m 47s

3.13 Sample Questions Based on Lesson 3

10m 13s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Service Transition

Learning Objectives

01m 20s

4.1 Service Transition Overview

20m 23s

4.2 Service Asset and Configuration Management, Part 1

30m 19s

4.3 Service Asset and Configuration Management, Part 2

23m 49s

4.4 Change Management, Part 1

27m 7s

4.5 Change Management, Part 2

12m 30s

4.6 Release and Deployment Management

21m 15s

4.7 Knowledge Management

14m 54s

4.8 Transition Planning and Support

07m 29s

4.9 Service Transition Deliverables

06m 35s

4.10 Sample Questions Based on Lesson 4

06m 42s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Service Operation

Learning Objectives

01m 21s

5.1 Service Operation Overview

22m 7s

5.2 ITIL’s Four Functions

43m 33s

5.3 Event Management

08m 54s

5.4 Incident Management, Part 1

39m 23s

5.5 Incident Management, Part 2

22m 48s

5.6 Request Fulfillment

10m 41s

5.7 Problem Management, Part 1

22m 48s

5.8 Problem Management, Part 2

29m 30s

5.9 Access Management

09m 3s

5.10 Service Operation Deliverables

05m 7s

5.11 Sample Questions Based on Lesson 5

09m 38s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Continual Service Improvement

Learning Objectives

01m 23s

6.1 Continual Service Improvement Overview

18m 27s

6.2 The Deming Cycle

06m 38s

6.3 The CSI Approach

05m 5s

6.4 7-Step Improvement Process

06m 31s

6.5 CSI Metrics and Measurement

06m 54s

6.6 CSI Interfaces and Roles

10m 8s

6.7 CSI Deliverables

03m 19s

6.8 Sample Questions Based on Lesson 6

03m 28s

Chapter: Summary

ITIL Foundation Exam LiveLessons: Summary

00m 59s