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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Java Programming Basics: Introduction

04m 30s

Chapter: Learning Java

Learning objectives

00m 50s

What Is Java and Why Would I Use It?

01m 29s

Verifying and Installing the Java Development Kit

03m 38s

Obtaining and Installing the NetBeans IDE

03m 10s

Hello World

05m 1s

Chapter: Procedural Java

Learning objectives

02m 48s

Basic Programming Mechanisms

03m 27s

Variables, Declarations, Names, and Coding Conventions

06m 36s

Operators and Strong Typing

10m 55s

Conditional Flow Control, if, and switch

05m 45s

Looping with while, do while, and for Loops

09m 6s


11m 11s

Defining and Calling Methods

11m 47s

Chapter: From Structures to Objects

Learning objectives

04m 56s

Creating and Using Structured Data Types

09m 47s

Combining Code with a Structure

12m 59s

Encapsulation, Achieving, and Benefits

11m 57s

Java Libraries and Documentation

07m 50s

Classes, Objects, and the Meaning of Static

08m 56s

Working with Packages

08m 28s

Chapter: More About Objects

Learning objectives

04m 1s

Introducing Inheritance

10m 58s

Abstract Classes and Interfaces

06m 49s

Chapter: Java IO Libraries and Exceptions

Learning objectives

02m 46s

Using the IO Package

08m 37s

Handling Exceptions

14m 24s

Chapter: Creating a User Interface

Learning objectives

05m 40s

Buttons, TextFields, Components, and Containers

11m 30s

Handling User Interaction

13m 25s

More Layout Managers

09m 40s

Swing Thread Rules

12m 5s

Chapter: Creating a Chat Program

Learning objectives

02m 10s

Creating a UI for the Chat Program

08m 24s

Adding Behavior to the Chat GUI

09m 58s

Connecting the GUI to the Network

07m 5s