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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Lean Principles for Scrum: Introduction

03m 36s

Chapter: PART I: Lean and Kanban Principles and Practices

Part Introduction

00m 51s

Chapter: Lesson 1: History of Lean


00m 40s

1.1 Seeds of Lean

10m 20s

1.2 Origins in Japan

16m 29s

1.3 Coming Back to America

09m 59s

1.4 Moving to Software

06m 13s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Principles of Lean Software Development


00m 48s

2.1 Eliminate Waste

05m 16s

2.2 Create Knowledge

02m 1s

2.3 Build Quality In

03m 18s

2.4 Defer Commitment

01m 56s

2.5 Deliver Fast

02m 25s

2.6 Respect for People

01m 8s

2.7 Optimize the Whole

01m 44s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Kanban Core Properties and Principles


00m 40s

3.1 Core Properties

07m 1s

3.2 Principles

01m 49s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Lean Product Development


00m 33s

4.1 Take an Economic View

01m 41s

4.2 Actively Manage Queues

00m 52s

4.3 Understand and Exploit Variability

02m 44s

4.4 Reduce Batch Sizes

01m 26s

4.5 Cadence and Synchronization

02m 1s

4.6 Decentralize Control

03m 2s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Comparing Lean and Scrum


00m 32s

5.1 Differences and Commonalities

12m 37s

5.2 Best of Both Worlds

07m 57s

Chapter: PART II: Applying Lean Principles to Scrum

Part Introduction

01m 18s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Making Work Visible


00m 48s

6.1 Sprint Task Boards and Kanban Boards

05m 54s

6.2 Visualizing the Entire Workflow

04m 18s

6.3 Visualizing Idle Work

04m 23s

6.4 Setting WIP Limits

02m 38s

6.5 Address Variability

03m 47s

6.6 Hierarchical Work

06m 50s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Workflow Optimization


00m 45s

7.1 Utilization over Optimization

03m 30s

7.2 Using Queues to Identify Bottlenecks

01m 33s

7.3 Limiting Work in Progress

06m 2s

7.4 Optimization over Utilization

14m 0s

7.5 Other Optimizations

09m 28s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Moving to Continuous Delivery


01m 2s

8.1 Delivering During the Sprint

08m 1s

8.2 Breaking Out of the Sprint

08m 26s

8.3 The Role of Automation

08m 42s

8.4 Maintaining Scrum Ceremonies

05m 59s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Taking an Economic View


00m 55s

9.1 Value Focused Delivery

05m 12s

9.2 Determining Value

17m 35s

9.3 Triage Techniques

08m 38s

9.4 Amplify Learning

07m 18s

Chapter: Lesson 10: Real World Examples


00m 59s

10.1 Success Stories

13m 39s

10.2 Things to Consider

04m 7s

Chapter: Summary

Lean Principles for Scrum: Summary

01m 8s