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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to Lean Change LiveLessons

03m 27s

Chapter: Lesson 1: The Case for Lean Change

Learning objectives

00m 51s

1.1 Discover why technology organizations need to change

10m 38s

1.2 Understand why Lean and Agile change is hard

16m 36s

1.3 Review Lean Change

06m 7s

Chapter: Lesson 2: The Change Canvas

Learning objectives

00m 38s

2.1 Review the history of the canvas

02m 53s

2.2 Learn how to use a Change Canvas - Part 1

09m 28s

2.3 Learn how to use a Change Canvas - Part 2

14m 54s

2.4 Build a Canvas to represent a Minimum Viable Change

04m 19s

2.5 Complete a Change Canvas: Urgency, Change Recipients and Vision

17m 12s

2.6 Complete a Change Canvas: Target State, Actions and Communication

09m 44s

2.7 Complete a Change Canvas: Success Criteria, Commitments and Benefits

09m 12s

Chapter: Lesson 3: The Lean Change Lifecycle

Learning objectives

00m 30s

3.1 Understand the Lean Change Lifecycle

08m 2s

3.2 Stage 1: Agree on the urgency of change

14m 31s

3.3 Stage 2: Negotiate the change

12m 1s

3.4 Stage 3: Validate adoption

19m 20s

3.5 Stage 4: Verify performance

11m 14s

3.6 Review the Lean Change Lifecycle

03m 4s

3.7 Instantiating the Lifecycle effectively

02m 2s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Managing Organizational Transformation

Learning objectives

00m 36s

4.1 Plan for an organizational transformation

45m 57s

4.2 Run an organizational transformation

17m 35s

Chapter: Summary

Summary of Lean Change LiveLessons

02m 13s