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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Learning HTML & CSS: Introduction

01m 56s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Introducing HTML

Learning objectives

00m 28s

1.1 Understand the basics of HTML

02m 50s

1.2 Choose a tool for writing HTML

04m 12s

1.3 Post HTML to a hosting service

07m 47s

1.4 Define HTML5

05m 42s


00m 20s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Building a Basic HTML Document

Learning objectives

00m 28s

2.1 Build a simple web page

01m 23s

2.2 Recognize the standard HTML tags for every web page

04m 4s

2.3 Add paragraphs and line breaks

02m 38s

2.4 Create HTML headlines

03m 11s

2.5 Use semantic tags

09m 46s

2.6 Write links to other web pages

02m 32s


00m 26s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Introducing CSS

Learning objectives

00m 40s

3.1 Define CSS

05m 12s

3.2 Use inline styles

03m 0s

3.3 Write a basic CSS style sheet

03m 27s

3.4 Use internal and external style sheets

03m 21s

3.5 Add CSS classes and IDs

07m 7s

3.6 Understand the basics of CSS3

02m 33s


00m 25s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Building and Styling HTML Text

Learning objectives

00m 35s

4.1 Align text

03m 45s

4.2 Write ordered and unordered lists

05m 22s

4.3 Create definition lists

02m 39s

4.4 Add two types of quotations

05m 16s


00m 22s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Understanding HTML5 Semantic Elements

Learning objectives

00m 39s

5.1 Recognize sectioning elements

05m 51s

5.2 Add figures

03m 34s

5.3 Include document headers and footers

04m 50s

5.4 Create HTML5 outlines

04m 18s


00m 25s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Adjusting Fonts and Typography

Learning objectives

00m 31s

6.1 Change text to bold and italics

04m 39s

6.2 Change the font size

06m 45s

6.3 Understand line-height, leading, and fancy typography

07m 14s

6.4 Use web fonts

06m 30s

6.5 Add special characters to pages

04m 9s


00m 26s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Decorating Pages with Color

Learning objectives

00m 28s

7.1 Choose colors for web designs

03m 24s

7.2 Understand color systems

05m 29s

7.3 Change the foreground color

02m 19s

7.4 Change the background color

01m 46s


00m 21s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Adjusting the Borders of Elements

Learning objectives

00m 29s

8.1 Understand the CSS box model

02m 32s

8.2 Adjust the margins and padding

08m 23s

8.3 Change the border with the border property

04m 58s

8.4 Create CSS3 rounded corners

02m 52s


00m 21s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Adding Images and Multimedia

Learning objectives

00m 41s

9.1 Add images to web pages

06m 4s

9.2 Position images

05m 59s

9.3 Use background images

05m 53s

9.4 Link to documents and PDFs

04m 51s

9.5 Add HTML5 video and audio

07m 4s

9.6 Make multimedia responsive

10m 8s


00m 16s

Chapter: Lesson 10: Writing Tables

Learning objectives

00m 25s

10.1 Build a simple HTML table

01m 45s

10.2 Add table headlines

03m 56s

10.3 Dress up tables with CSS

03m 56s

10.4 Adjust table cell alignment and spanning

04m 53s

10.5 Make tables responsive

04m 10s


00m 15s

Chapter: Lesson 11: Building and Using HTML Forms

Learning objectives

00m 35s

11.1 Create a basic form

06m 24s

11.2 Use HTML5 input fields

12m 3s

11.3 Add in other form input fields

08m 15s

11.4 Validate forms

05m 23s

11.5 Submit form data

04m 57s


00m 19s

Chapter: Lesson 12: Creating Responsive Web Layouts

Learning objectives

00m 49s

12.1 Understand how to pick a good layout

02m 6s

12.2 Define the difference between fixed-width and liquid layouts

07m 11s

12.3 Define mobile-first and understand why to use it

04m 18s

12.4 Use CSS media queries to create a responsive layout

05m 0s

12.5 Choose breakpoints

08m 6s

12.6 Know responsive design best practices

02m 22s


00m 20s

Chapter: Summary

Learning HTML & CSS: Summary

00m 54s