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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Learning AngularJS: Introduction

09m 15s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Getting Started

Learning objectives

00m 53s

1.1 Understand what AngularJS is and why it's important

05m 26s

1.2 Install AngularJS

04m 10s

1.3 Install Bootstrap

05m 17s

1.4 Write your first AngularJS application

10m 25s

1.5 Look at what you will build with AngularJS

02m 40s

1.6 Understand what you should know before you begin

10m 23s

1.7 Stay up to date and find the help you need

02m 2s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Working with AngularJS Building Blocks: Binding, Directives, and Filters

Learning objectives

01m 3s

2.1 Perform more useful data binding with repeating

09m 15s

2.2 Introduce filters to your bindings

03m 17s

2.3 Combine data binding and filters in your application

03m 16s

2.4 Understand more about repeating and directives

05m 24s

2.5 Improve the UI of your sample application

11m 43s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Using Controllers and Views

Learning objectives

01m 3s

3.1 Understand how AngularJS organizes MVC

08m 53s

3.2 Use controllers and forms to modify your data

14m 35s

3.3 Perform data validation and communicate between views and controllers

13m 27s

3.4 Understand validation a bit more

11m 36s

3.5 Set up a simple web server (Mac and Linux)

03m 28s

3.6 Set up a simple web server (Windows)

02m 10s

3.7 Set up multiple views and controllers

04m 39s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Putting It All Together with Modules

Learning objectives

01m 0s

4.1 Understand the core components of AngularJS modules

04m 26s

4.2 Understand routes and add them to your apps

08m 45s

4.3 Understand how to lay out your applications

09m 5s

4.4 Add an album view to your sample application

15m 14s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Loading and Saving Data

Learning objectives

01m 4s

5.1 Understand the various ways you can provide data in Angular—Part I: Services

22m 17s

5.2 Understand the various ways you can provide data in Angular—Part II: Factories, constants, and values

09m 35s

5.3 Use factories and services with remote data

35m 51s

5.4 Upload Image files from your AngularJS application

41m 42s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Filling in the Blanks — Filters, Directives, Cookies, and More

Learning objectives

00m 59s

6.1 Write your own filters

17m 46s

6.2 Write your own directives I: simple directives

09m 38s

6.3 Write your own directives II: scope and user interface

11m 27s

6.4 Work with cookies in your app

05m 36s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Wrapping Up

Learning objectives

00m 51s

7.1 Complete your application and look to what's next

13m 5s

7.2 Implement network access with JSONP

09m 4s

7.3 Test your application with Karma

27m 11s

Chapter: Summary

Learning AngularJS LiveLessons: Summary

02m 34s