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Table of Contents

Chapter: Lighting Equipment


01m 10s


02m 26s

The Need for Experimentation

01m 17s

Strobe Packs, Heads, Monoblocks, and Hotlights

08m 36s

Modifiers: Softboxes, Grids, Reflectors

10m 28s

Additional Modifiers: Mirrors, Cards, Flags

05m 45s

Stands and Booms

06m 0s

Chapter: Getting the Right Exposure

Metering and Exposure

04m 32s

Software: Lightroom and Shooting Tethered to the Computer

02m 19s

Reading a Histogram

11m 28s

Camera/DSLR Basics

09m 52s

Chapter: What Light Does


04m 20s


08m 40s


05m 43s


06m 30s

Quality of Light with Different Modifiers

07m 9s

Chapter: Lighting as Part of Composition

The Building Process

09m 17s

Creating Subject Hierarchy and Directing the Viewer's Attention

08m 30s

Light Painting

08m 21s

Chapter: Experimentation and Color

Color Temperature

07m 34s

Mixed Lighting

02m 25s

Using Colored Gels

01m 17s

Chapter: The Business of Photography