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Chapter: Typographic characters are incredible works of art. Recognizing the exquisite subtleties of well-designed letters—and learning the language of type—improves our awareness, appreciation, and understanding of all things typographic.


03m 35s

Waking Up to the Details of Type

02m 22s

Recognizing Typographic Voices

03m 41s

Talking Typogaphy: A Crash Course

06m 23s

Identifying Typefaces

06m 9s

Chapter: Stand-alone letters have many uses in design. Learning to choose and modify typographic characters for stand-alone presentations is useful not only for the creation of things such as monograms and drop caps, it also teaches lessons that you can apply when working with some—or all—of the letters contained in words appearing in logos and headlines.

Getting to Work: Tools for Type

05m 26s

Finding Uses for Solo Characters

03m 54s

Adding Decor to Letters

05m 18s

Integrating Imagery with Letterforms

05m 48s

Modifying Characters

06m 8s

Morphing Letters with Digital Effects

05m 27s

Chapter: Fundamental typographic know-how is essential when it comes to properly presenting words within logos and headlines. This chapter focuses on critical aspects of font choice, letterspacing, legibility, and ligatures.

Finding the Right Font Persona

04m 21s

Kerning to Achieve Perfect Letterspacing

09m 41s

Modifying Characters to Improve Spacing

05m 16s

Letting Ligatures Help

04m 53s

Chapter: This chapter includes strategies for creating eye-catching and conceptually targeted logos and headlines.

Establishing Visual Hierarchy

05m 59s

Breaking and Bending Baselines

03m 55s

Combining Fonts

06m 7s

Creating a Stage for Words

04m 54s

Chapter: In the world of design, type very often coexists with imagery. This chapter deals with ways of adding decor, illustrations, and photos around, within, and beneath words.

Brainstorming Word-plus-image Solutions

04m 51s

Placing Icons With Type

04m 5s

Changing a Letters and Words Into Images

05m 34s

Safely Placing Type Over Imagery

05m 51s

Enclosing Words with Decor and Imagery

05m 22s

Chapter: This chapter discusses typographic practices that help ensure your layouts’ type looks good and functions clearly when its put before the eyes of your target audience.

Prioritizing and Ensuring Text Legibility

07m 31s

Building Spaces for Type with Columns and Grids

03m 29s

Helping text fit

06m 39s

Nine Things You Should Avoid When Presenting Text in Layouts

06m 27s

Wrapping Up

04m 50s