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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


03m 36s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Introduction of LINQ to Objects

Learning objectives

00m 49s

1.1 Get started with LINQ

06m 42s

1.2 See LINQ examples

01m 52s

1.3 Understand the other lessons

04m 20s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Building LINQ queries on C# & .NET Framework Features

Learning objectives

01m 37s

2.1 Enumerate objects

27m 20s

2.2 Filter objects

08m 0s

2.3 Project results

12m 11s

2.4 Use Query Syntax

05m 33s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Standard Query Operators Part 1

Learning objectives

01m 15s

3.1 Select result values

11m 38s

3.2 Generate objects

10m 6s

3.3 Filter & convert objects

12m 55s

3.4 Sort objects

08m 22s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Standard Query Operators Part 2

Learning objectives

01m 8s

4.1 Aggregate objects

09m 41s

4.2 Pick an object

04m 53s

4.3 Analyze objects

04m 27s

4.4 Generate collections

06m 48s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Standard Query Operators Part 3

Learning objectives

00m 42s

5.1 Group objects

13m 41s

5.2 Combine objects

27m 39s

Chapter: Lesson 6: LINQ to XML

Learning objectives

01m 6s

6.1 Use XML Classes

12m 59s

6.2 Query XML

06m 38s

6.3 Update XML

09m 1s

6.4 Transform XML

11m 7s

Chapter: Lesson 7: LINQ in VB

Learning objectives

00m 59s

7.1 Use Method Syntax

17m 8s

7.2 Use Query Syntax

15m 27s

7.3 Use XML Literals

09m 39s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Extending LINQ

Learning objectives

00m 40s

8.1 Extend with composition

15m 8s

8.2 Extend with yield

12m 34s

Chapter: Lesson 9: LINQ in Use

Learning objectives

00m 32s

9.1 Use LINQ with client apps

10m 24s

9.2 Use LINQ with XML/JSON

09m 26s

Chapter: Summary


01m 37s