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Table of Contents

Chapter: Understand Presets


01m 35s

Workflow, Effects, and Style

03m 57s

How Presets Work

03m 8s

Presets Tour in Lightroom

02m 55s

Chapter: Preset Installation and Organization

Where are Presets Stored?

04m 21s

Using Lightroom Solo Mode

02m 25s

Importing Presets to Lightroom

02m 19s

Organizing Presets

04m 29s

Saving Presets

03m 25s

Backing Up Presets

02m 9s

Chapter: Productivity Presets

Lens Corrections Presets

05m 49s

Basic Exposure Adjustments

07m 32s

Tone Curve Adjustments

05m 6s

Sharpening Presets

07m 47s

Noise Reductions Preset

06m 14s

Combo Noise Reductions and Sharpening

02m 54s

Chapter: Presets During Import

Renaming Schemes

03m 22s

Using the Develop Setting

01m 44s

Creating a Copyright Preset

03m 3s

Chapter: Creative Presets: Landscapes

Fall Color Boost

09m 32s

Color Polarizer and Split Toning

06m 25s

Black and White Old Photo Effect

03m 29s

Black and White Landscape

07m 16s

Chapter: Creative Presets: Portraits

Selective Color

04m 4s

Camera Profiles

04m 26s

High Contrast Black and White

04m 38s

Chapter: Advanced Techniques with Brushes

Brush for Cloud Buster

04m 17s

Brush for Selective Black and White

04m 13s

Brush for Golden Light

05m 22s

Chapter: Presets During Export

Sharing Images on Facebook, Google+, and Blog Posts

07m 34s

Exporting to Print

05m 28s