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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

LPIC-1 (Exam 101) LiveLessons: Introduction

03m 32s

Chapter: Part 1: Essential Skills


00m 34s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Performing Basic Tasks from a Shell Environment

Learning Objectives

00m 25s

1.1 Understanding the File System Layout in the FHS

02m 44s

1.2 Knowing the Location and Purpose of Important Files and Directories as Defined in the FHS

08m 25s

1.3 Finding Files and Commands on a Linux System

06m 40s

1.4 Using Single Shell Commands and One-line Command Sequences

03m 26s

1.5 Using and Modifying the Shell Environment

06m 38s

1.6 Using and Editing Command History

04m 16s

1.7 Invoking Commands Inside and Outside the Defined Path

04m 37s


00m 27s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Processing and Working with Text Files

Learning Objectives

00m 31s

2.1 Using Streams, Pipes, and Redirects

08m 47s

2.2 File Viewing Commands

05m 29s

2.3 File Formatting Commands

03m 31s

2.4 File Processing Commands

10m 55s

2.5 Understanding vi

03m 2s

2.6 Editing Text Files with vi

08m 51s

2.7 Using Regular Expressions to Work with Text Files

06m 43s

2.8 Searching Text Patterns with grep

03m 16s


00m 48s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Performing Base File Management Tasks

Learning Objectives

00m 25s

3.1 Copying, Moving, and Removing Files

04m 43s

3.2 Using Wildcards

02m 36s

3.3 Other File Management Tools

06m 11s

3.4 Creating Backups

08m 7s

3.5 Analyzing and Extracting tar Backups

03m 19s

3.6 Understanding Links and Inodes

04m 11s

3.7 Managing Hard and Symbolic Links

03m 57s


00m 31s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Managing Processes

Learning Objectives

00m 27s

4.1 Running Jobs in Foreground and Background

06m 9s

4.2 Sending Signals to Processes

04m 57s

4.3 Monitoring Processes with top

05m 23s

4.4 Selecting and Sorting Processes with ps and Related Utilities

03m 38s

4.5 Understanding Process Priority

04m 8s

4.6 Changing Process Priority

04m 46s


00m 36s

Chapter: Part 2: Administration Tasks


00m 22s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Design Hard Disk Layout

Learning Objectives

00m 24s

5.1 Allocating Filesystems and Swap Space

03m 52s

5.2 Tailoring the Design to the Intended Use of the System

02m 9s

5.3 Ensuring the /boot Partition Conforms to the Hardware Architecture

03m 19s

5.4 Understanding Basic LVM Features

03m 26s


00m 27s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Creating Partitions and Filesystems

Learning Objectives

00m 37s

6.1 Understanding GPT and MBR Differences

06m 15s

6.2 Managing MBR Primary Partition Tables with fdisk

05m 7s

6.3 Managing Logical Partitions with fdisk

05m 46s

6.4 Basic Knowledge of gdisk and parted with GPT

05m 6s

6.5 Creating Filesystems

05m 33s

6.6 Verifying the Integrity of Filesystems

02m 22s

6.7 Monitoring Free Space and Inodes

01m 37s


00m 34s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Common Filesystem Management Tasks

Learning Objectives

00m 27s

7.1 Understanding Filesystem Mounts

00m 48s

7.2 Mounting Filesystems

04m 18s

7.3 Configuring Filesystem Mounting on Boot

03m 56s

7.4 Configuring User Mountable Removable Filesystems

01m 22s

7.5 Understanding Disk Quotas

02m 43s

7.6 Managing Disk Quotas

07m 59s


00m 27s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Managing Permissions

Learning Objectives

00m 28s

8.1 Understanding Linux Users and Groups

06m 39s

8.2 Understanding File Ownership

03m 21s

8.3 Understanding rwx Permissions

02m 55s

8.4 Managing Access Permissions on Regular and Special Files and Directories

04m 40s

8.5 Understanding Special Permissions

05m 25s

8.6 Using Access Modes such as SUID, SGID, and Sticky Bit

07m 5s

8.7 Modifying the File Creation Mask

03m 20s


00m 44s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Managing Software

Learning Objectives

00m 32s

9.1 Understanding Packages and Meta Package Handlers

03m 1s

9.2 Understanding Variations in Linux Software Management

02m 3s

9.3 Installing, Reinstalling, Upgrading, and Removing Packages Using RPM and YUM

09m 29s

9.4 Obtaining Information on RPM Packages

03m 16s

9.5 Understanding Debian/Ubuntu Package Management

09m 16s


00m 54s

Chapter: Part 3: Advanced Management Tasks


00m 18s

Chapter: Lesson 10: System Architecture

Learning Objectives

00m 27s

10.1 Enabling and Disabling Integrated Peripherals

02m 59s

10.2 Configuring Systems with or without External Peripherals

01m 57s

10.3 Differentiating Between the Various Types of Mass Storage Devices

03m 2s

10.4 Differentiating Between Coldplug and Hotplug Devices

03m 36s

10.5 Determining Hardware Resources for Devices

02m 35s

10.6 Tools and Utilities to List Various Hardware Information

00m 44s

10.7 Tools and Utilities to Manipulate USB Devices

02m 9s

10.8 Conceptual Understanding of sysfs, udev, dbus

01m 10s


00m 56s

Chapter: Lesson 11: Boot the System

Learning Objectives

00m 31s

11.1 Understanding GRUB and GRUB2 Differences

01m 43s

11.2 Providing Common Commands to the Boot Loader and Options to the Kernel at Boot Time

04m 9s

11.3 Demonstrating Knowledge of the Boot Sequence from BIOS to Boot Completion

01m 55s

11.4 Understanding SysVinit and systemd

08m 11s

11.5 Awareness of Upstart

01m 7s

11.6 Checking Boot Events in the Log Files

02m 3s


00m 29s

Chapter: Lesson 12: Managing the Boot Sequence

Learning Objectives

00m 28s

12.1 Setting the Default Runlevel of Boot Target

03m 38s

12.2 Changing Between Runlevels / Boot Targets Using Single User Mode

03m 25s

12.3 Shutting Down and Rebooting from the Command Line

02m 15s

12.4 Alerting Users Before Making Changes

01m 6s


00m 28s

Chapter: Lesson 13: Install a Boot Manager

Learning Objectives

00m 23s

13.1 Providing Alternative Boot Locations and Backup Boot Options

03m 3s

13.2 Installing and Configuring a Boot Loader such as GRUB

02m 12s

13.3 Performing Basic Configuration Changes for GRUB2

01m 47s


00m 21s

Chapter: Lesson 14: Managing Shared Libraries

Learning Objectives

00m 23s

14.1 Identifying Shared Libraries

02m 41s

14.2 Identifying the Typical Locations of Shared Libraries

01m 17s

14.3 Loading Shared Libraries

01m 36s


00m 30s

Chapter: Summary

LPIC-1 (Exam 101) LiveLessons: Summary

00m 55s