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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Linux Command Line: Introduction

03m 12s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Accessing the Linux Command Line Interface

Learning objectives

00m 51s

1.1 Understand the uses of the Linux command line interface

06m 54s

1.2 Access the command line locally: Text login

02m 41s

1.3 Access the command line locally: GNOME menus (CentOS)

02m 33s

1.4 Access the command line locally: GNOME Shell (Fedora)

02m 16s

1.5 Access the command line locally: KDE (Kubuntu)

02m 22s

1.6 Access the command line remotely: ssh command (Linux or Mac OSX)

01m 59s

1.7 Access the command line remotely: Graphical program

02m 35s

1.8 Run commands from the bash shell

04m 16s

1.9 Bash tip: Recall previous commands with history shortcuts

04m 36s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Getting Help Within the System

Learning objectives

00m 44s

2.1 Use the man pages

06m 42s

2.2 Navigate the info pages

06m 14s

2.3 View syntax with --help

04m 17s

2.4 Identify available documentation with whatis and man -k

05m 2s

2.5 Bash tip: Interpret usage syntax

05m 58s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Manipulating Files

Learning objectives

00m 36s

3.1 Understand navigation

10m 30s

3.2 Read files

12m 27s

3.3 Organize files

24m 23s

3.4 Bash tip: Less typing with TAB completion

05m 40s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Managing a Large Number of Files

Learning objectives

00m 32s

4.1 Use filename-expansion wildcards to organize files

11m 32s

4.2 Archive files with tar and gzip

13m 46s

4.3 Transfer files to or from a remote system with scp and rsync

06m 59s

4.4 Download files from a remote system with wget or curl

05m 24s

4.5 Bash tip: Use echo to preview command expansion

02m 41s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Editing Files from the Command Line

Learning objectives

00m 48s

5.1 Choose an editor

02m 26s

5.2 Edit files with nano

06m 31s

5.3 Edit files with vim

13m 1s

5.4 Advanced edits with vim and sed

21m 28s

5.5 Bash tip: Set the default editor

02m 3s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Access Control: Basic File Permissions

Learning objectives

00m 31s

6.1 View basic permissions

16m 13s

6.2 Identify owner and group membership

03m 11s

6.3 Escalate privilege with su and sudo

09m 5s

6.4 Change file permissions

09m 18s

6.5 Change file owner and group

04m 34s

6.6 Bash tip: String commands together

03m 53s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Locating Files on the System

Learning objectives

00m 52s

7.1 Use locate to find files by name

03m 4s

7.2 Use find to locate files by name, date, owner, size, and more

11m 5s

7.3 Identify text files containing a specific string using grep

07m 19s

7.4 Search the content of a file for patterns

15m 29s

7.5 Bash tip: Protect special characters with quotes

04m 43s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Process Management

Learning objectives

00m 40s

8.1 List processes running on a system

10m 21s

8.2 Manage a running process

09m 40s

8.3 View available system resources

06m 23s

8.4 Save the output of a command to a file

09m 44s

8.5 Bash tip: Use command substitution

03m 29s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Basic bash Shell Configuration

Learning objectives

00m 52s

9.1 Create shortcuts with alias

05m 12s

9.2 Customize environment variables

07m 29s

9.3 Configure shell options

06m 18s

9.4 Save configuration by editing login and shell startup scripts

09m 42s

Chapter: Summary

Linux Command Line: Summary

01m 49s