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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Microsoft Exchange 2013 LiveLessons: Introduction

03m 9s

Chapter: Lesson 1 An Introduction to Exchange Server 2013

Learning Objectives

00m 25s

1.1 What is Exchange Server?

02m 59s

1.2 Exchange Server Roles

05m 55s

1.3 Exchange Server 2013 Requirements

07m 42s

1.4 What has Changed Since Exchange 2010

06m 38s

Chapter: Lesson 2 Deploying Exchange Server 2013

Learning Objectives

00m 23s

2.1 Preparing the Active Delivery

08m 46s

2.2 A Simple Exchange Server Deployment

12m 46s

2.3 The Exchange Administrative Center

03m 12s

2.4 The Exchange Management Shell

02m 58s

Chapter: Lesson 3 The Basics of Working With Exchange Server

Learning Objectives

00m 32s

3.1 Licensing Exchange Server

03m 14s

3.2 E-mail Address Policies

09m 2s

3.3 Creating User Mailboxes

04m 10s

3.4 Other Mailbox Types

06m 19s

3.5 Creating Groups

12m 56s

3.6 The Group Naming Policy

04m 1s

3.7 DNS Records

05m 21s

Chapter: Lesson 4 Mailbox Clients

Learning Objectives

00m 22s

4.1 Outlook Web App

10m 24s

4.2 Installing Office 2013

03m 35s

4.3 Connecting Outlook 2013

09m 6s

Chapter: Lesson 5 Exchange Server Security

Learning Objectives

00m 24s

5.1 An Introduction to Certificates

16m 57s

5.2 Applying SSL Certificates to Exchange Server

11m 48s

5.3 An Introduction to Information Rights Management

07m 8s

5.4 Implementing Information Rights Management

04m 58s

5.5 An Introduction to Role Based Access Control

07m 31s

5.6 Implementing Role Based Access Control

03m 4s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Message Hygiene

Learning Objectives

00m 17s

6.1 Anti-Spam Agents

06m 29s

6.2 Enabling Spam Protection

08m 18s

6.3 Anti-malware Protection

07m 13s

Chapter: Lesson 7 Mobile Messaging

Learning Objectives

00m 31s

7.1 An Introduction to Mobile Messaging

04m 51s

7.2 Certificate Requirements

04m 21s

7.3 Mailbox Policies

04m 42s

7.4 Mobile Device Provisioning

04m 13s

7.5 Mobile Device Management

04m 44s

7.6 Self Service Device Management

02m 56s

7.7 Mobile Device PowerShell Cmdlets

05m 13s

7.8 Mobile Device Troubleshooting

05m 0s

Chapter: Lesson 8 Exchange Server Coexistence

Learning Objectives

00m 33s

8.1 Coexistence Requirements

09m 13s

8.2 Deploying an Exchange 2013 Server into an Exchange 2010 Organization

04m 0s

8.3 Deploying an Exchange 2013 Client Access Server

03m 8s

8.4 Deploying an Exchange 2013 Mailbox Server

02m 53s

8.5 Deploying an Exchange 2013 Edge Transport Server

03m 3s

8.6 Virtual Directories

06m 10s

8.7 Creating an Edge Subscription

15m 36s

8.8 Cleanup Tasks

05m 58s

Chapter: Lesson 9 Phasing Out Exchange Server 2010

Learning Objectives

00m 31s

9.1 Migrating Mailboxes to Exchange Server 2013

10m 7s

9.2 An Introduction to Exchange Server 2013 Public Folders

05m 57s

9.4 Migrating Public Folders to Exchange 2013

17m 5s

9.4 Removing Exchange 2010 from the Organization

05m 28s

Chapter: Lesson 10 Database Availability Groups

Learning Objectives

00m 30s

10.1 An Introduction to Database Availability Groups

07m 8s

10.2 Creating Databases

06m 14s

10.3 Creating a Database Availability Group

11m 28s

10.4 Management Database Copies

04m 38s

10.5 Creating Lagged Copies

04m 25s

10.6 Database Failover

04m 54s

Chapter: Lesson 11 High Availability for CAS Servers

Learning Objectives

00m 20s

11.1 CAS Server High Availability Options

06m 53s

11.2 CAS Failures

03m 41s

Chapter: Lesson 12 Compliance

Learning Objectives

00m 31s

12.1 An Introduction to Message Compliance

02m 58s

12.2 Transport Rules as a Compliance Feature

11m 42s

12.3 Logging Exchange Server Changes

06m 11s

12.4 An Introduction to eDiscovery

06m 9s

12.5 Performing a Multi Mailbox Search

10m 43s

12.6 In Place Hold

04m 20s

12.7 Data Loss Prevention

12m 21s

Chapter: Lesson 13 Message Retention

Learning Objectives

00m 20s

13.1 An Introduction to Journaling

07m 48s

13.2 Implementing Journaling

05m 37s

13.3 An Introduction to Archiving

06m 43s

13.4 Creating Archive Mailboxes

07m 4s

13.5 Message Records Management

11m 16s

Chapter: Lesson 14 Unified Messaging

Learning Objectives

00m 35s

14.1 An Introduction to Unified Messaging

08m 5s

14.2 Configuring the IP PBX

12m 31s

14.3 Configuring Exchange Unified Messaging

08m 2s

14.4 The End User Experience

11m 59s

Chapter: Lesson 15 Helpful Tools

Learning Objectives

00m 32s

15.1 Remote Connectivity Analyzer

03m 27s

15.2 The Exchange Server Deployment Assistant

04m 49s

15.3 Retired Tools

05m 41s

Chapter: Summary

Microsoft Exchange 2013 LiveLessons: Summary

00m 54s