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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

MEAN Web Development Workshop: Introduction

01m 16s

Chapter: Part 1: Introduction to MEAN

1.1 Introduction

09m 50s

1.2 The Components

12m 30s

1.3 Write an App

12m 2s

1.4 Use ng-init and ng-repeat

05m 57s

1.5 Work with Objects

04m 53s

1.6 Filter Results

15m 46s

Chapter: Part 2: AngularJS

2.1 Controller and Creating paradigms.js

12m 36s

2.2 Add a Recipe

09m 33s

2.3 Serving Static

13m 25s

2.4 File Reorganization and Routing

11m 31s

2.5 More Pages

08m 1s

2.6 Data Consolidation

10m 20s

Chapter: Part 3: Node.js and Express

3.1 Introduction to Node.js

17m 23s

3.2 Express and API Design

07m 42s

3.3 Simple Serving

04m 35s

3.4 Routing Basics

17m 28s

3.5 Add a Recipe

04m 8s

Chapter: Part 4: MongoDB

4.1 MongoDB Basics

19m 4s

4.2 MongoDB in App

12m 16s

Chapter: Summary

MEAN Web Development Workshop: Summary

01m 2s