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Chapter: In this chapter we'll explore the basic concepts involved in macro photography so you'll have a solid foundation upon which to build as you start taking a closer look at your photographic subjects.


01m 46s

Equipment Overview

10m 34s

Employing a Tripod

04m 25s

The Gun Analogy

02m 52s

Choosing a Focal Length

03m 7s

Using an Extension Tube

03m 47s

Autofocus for Macro

02m 57s

Using a Focusing Rail

04m 2s

Depth of Field Preview

04m 15s

Using Live View

04m 24s

Getting a Helping Hand

03m 21s

Wind Blocking

02m 47s

Understanding Exposure

05m 49s

Setting ISO

04m 11s

Understanding Effective Aperture

03m 43s

Using a Cable Release

03m 46s

Chapter: In this chapter we'll consider some of the ways you can supplement the amount of light available in your macro photography.

Using a Reflector

03m 54s

Incorporating Flash

05m 19s

Bouncing Flash

04m 22s

Using a Macro Flash

04m 41s

Chapter: In this chapter we'll look at some of the compositional considerations related to macro photography.

Finding Subjects

02m 34s

Angle to Subject

03m 18s

Evaluating the Background

03m 17s

Creating a Black Background

04m 44s

Creative Blurring

04m 58s

Shallow Depth of Field

04m 48s

Design Elements

05m 8s

Misting a Subject

02m 49s

Chapter: In this chapter we'll achieve extended depth of field by using multiple captures to create a composite image with a potentially infinite depth of field.

Capturing Multiple Images to Maximize Depth of Field

07m 45s

Composite Depth of Field with Auto-Blend

08m 26s

Composite Depth of Field with Helicon Focus

03m 47s

Chapter: This chapter includes several macro photography projects that show how the techniques covered in this course can be applied.

Flower Subject (Rose)

07m 16s

Spider Web

05m 28s

Unusual Plant

03m 39s