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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

What Makes a Proper Exposure?

01m 42s

Equipment Considerations

03m 1s


03m 30s

Chapter: Exposure Concepts

Aperture and Shutter Speed

02m 44s

Lens Limitations

03m 15s


02m 34s

Dynamic Range

02m 2s

Depth of Field

03m 8s

Understanding Stops

03m 24s

Reading the Exposure Meter

04m 2s

Reading a Histogram

03m 26s

Expose to the Right

02m 38s

The Role of White Balance

06m 47s

Chapter: Controlling Exposure

Fully Automatic Modes

01m 58s

Shutter Priority Mode

03m 46s

Aperture Priority Mode

03m 48s

The Sunny 16 Rule

03m 29s

The Gray Card

02m 23s

Focal Length and Shutter Speed

01m 21s

Fast Shutter vs. Slow Shutter

03m 29s

Metering Modes

10m 12s

Chapter: Advanced Exposure

Exposure Compensation

05m 55s

Exposure Bracketing

02m 53s

Manual Exposure Mode

04m 43s

Half Stop vs. One-Third Stop

03m 28s

Long Exposures

03m 37s

Incorporating Flash

06m 15s

Multiple Exposures

03m 55s

Capturing HDR Images

04m 45s

Chapter: Post-Processing

Basic RAW Conversion

09m 2s

Black Point, White Point, and Midtones

06m 54s

Advanced Tonal Adjustments with Curves

07m 30s

Creating a High Key Image

03m 49s

Blending Multiple Exposures

06m 1s

Creating an HDR Image

06m 52s