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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

NX-OS Configuration Fundamentals LiveLessons: Introduction

07m 52s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Introduction to NX-OS

Learning Objectives

00m 26s

1.1 NX-OS Overview

06m 52s

1.2 NX-OS Command Line and Management

06m 4s

1.3 NX-OS File Systems

04m 18s

1.4 Nexus Product Updates

08m 44s

1.5 Virtual Device Context (VDC) Fundamentals

08m 43s

1.6 VDC Advanced Topics

10m 11s

1.7 Troubleshooting Commands

04m 51s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Layer 2 Support and Configuration

Learning Objectives

00m 38s

2.1 Layer 2 Basics

16m 6s

2.2 Spanning Tree

12m 23s

2.3 Port Profiles

02m 14s

2.4 Port Channels

05m 9s

2.5 Virtual Port Channel (vPC) Basics

09m 34s

2.6 Configuring vPC

18m 4s

2.7 Advanced vPC

07m 46s

2.8 vPC Failure Scenarios

03m 51s

2.9 FabricPath Control Plane

07m 17s

2.10 FabricPath Data Plane

08m 48s

2.11 FabricPath Forwarding

05m 54s

2.12 FabricPath Host Connectivity and Routing

07m 1s

2.13 FabricPath Configuration and Troubleshooting

10m 29s

2.14 Dynamic Fabric Automation (DFA) Introduction

08m 55s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Layer 3 Support and Configurations

Learning Objectives

00m 37s

3.1 EIGRP Configuration

05m 44s

3.2 EIGRP Verification and Troubleshooting

03m 53s

3.3 OSPF Configuration

07m 48s

3.4 OSPF Verification and Troubleshooting

04m 59s

3.5 IS-IS Configuration

03m 34s

3.6 IS-IS Verification and Troubleshooting

02m 58s

3.7 Basic BGP Configuration

12m 10s

3.8 BGP Verification

04m 58s

3.9 First Hop Redundancy Protocols (FHRPs)

14m 53s

3.10 Redistribution and Policy-Based Routing

06m 48s

Chapter: Lesson 4: NX-OS Multicast

Learning Objectives

00m 30s

4.1 Multicast Basics

07m 58s

4.2 Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) and Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM)

07m 36s

4.3 Basic Multicast Configuration

11m 54s

4.4 Rendezvous Point (RP) Redundancy

09m 46s

4.5 Advanced Multicast Configuration

06m 47s

4.6 Control Plane Policing (CoPP) and Multicast

07m 9s

Chapter: Lesson 5: NX-OS Security

Learning Objectives

00m 31s

5.1 NX-OS Security Basics

06m 35s

5.2 Access Control List (ACL) Basics

07m 16s

5.3 Advanced ACLs

11m 3s

5.4 NX-OS Data Center Encryption 802.1ae MacSec

06m 46s

5.5 Storm Control

05m 29s

5.6 Control Plane Policing (CoPP)

07m 52s

Chapter: Lesson 6: High Availability

Learning Objectives

00m 39s

6.1 Nexus Hardware Basics

09m 52s

6.2 Generic Online Diagnostics (GOLD)

06m 23s

6.3 NX-OS High Availability Architecture and Features

08m 42s

6.4 NX-OS Software Upgrades – Cold Upgrade

03m 45s

6.5 NX-OS Software Upgrades – ISSU

05m 43s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Embedded Services

Learning Objectives

00m 26s

7.1 SPAN in NX-OS

12m 7s


07m 57s

7.3 Embedded Analyzer

09m 21s

7.4 Smart Call Home

06m 40s

7.5 Checkpoint Configuration and Rollback

10m 4s

7.6 NetFlow

07m 50s

7.7 Network Time Protocol

04m 1s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Unified Fabric

Learning Objectives

00m 27s

8.1 Unified Fabric Basics

09m 17s

8.2 FCoE Basics

08m 3s

8.3 N Port Virtualization

09m 41s

8.4 Unified Fabric Configuration - Single Hop

05m 20s

8.5 Unified Fabric Configuration - Multihop

11m 15s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Nexus 1000v

Learning Objectives

00m 38s

9.1 Nexus 1000v Basics

10m 5s

9.2 Nexus 1000v Multi-Hypervisor Integration

03m 8s

9.3 Nexus 1000v Stretched Deployment Guidelines

06m 42s

9.4 Nexus 1000v and VXLAN

10m 26s

9.5 Nexus 1000v and CTS

12m 13s

9.6 Nexus 1000v VSM and VEM Security

03m 15s

9.7 Nexus 1000v Storm Control

06m 8s

Chapter: Lesson 10: Quality of Service (QoS)

Learning Objectives

00m 27s

10.1 Quality of Service Fundamentals

06m 49s

10.2 QoS in NX-OS

08m 33s

10.3 QoS on Nexus 7000

09m 43s

10.4 QoS on Nexus 5000

06m 49s

10.5 QoS on Nexus 1000v

03m 17s

Chapter: Lesson 11 – Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV)

Learning Objectives

00m 48s

11.1 OTV Basics

11m 47s

11.2 OTV Network Requirements and Options

12m 57s

11.3 OTV Multi-homing and Failure Isolation

07m 11s

11.4 First Hop Redundancy Protocol (FHRP) Localization and OTV

11m 21s

11.5 OTV Traffic Depolarization

02m 18s

11.6 OTV VLAN Translation

02m 48s

11.7 OTV Broadcast Control

05m 7s

11.8 OTV Integration with Fabrics

02m 39s

11.9 OTV and LISP Integration Whiteboard Session

08m 3s

Chapter: Lesson 12: Layer 3 Virtualization and MPLS

Learning Objectives

00m 38s

12.1 Virtual Routing and Forwarding

07m 7s

12.2 Route Import/Export

06m 10s

12.3 MPLS Basics

07m 44s

12.4 Detailed MPLS Topics

07m 41s

12.5 MPLS Layer 2 VPNs

03m 40s

12.6 MPLS Layer 2 VPN Configuration

06m 29s

Chapter: Lesson 13: Locator ID Separator Protocol (LISP)

Learning Objectives

00m 36s

13.1 LISP Basics

05m 48s

13.2 LISP Roles and Operations

04m 42s

13.3 IP Mobility/Host Mobility with Extended Subnets

08m 39s

13.4 IP Mobility Without Extended Subnets

06m 19s

13.5 LISP Multihop and Host Mobility

07m 41s

13.6 LISP Multihop Mobility

05m 16s

13.7 LISP Best Practices

06m 39s

Chapter: Summary

NX-OS Configuration Fundamentals LiveLessons: Summary

01m 55s