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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Oracle SQL Performance Tuning for Developers LiveLessons: Introduction

04m 13s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Oracle Database Architecture

Learning Objectives

00m 47s

1.1 Explore how Oracle processes SQL

16m 11s

1.2 Understand Library Cache Internals

05m 13s

1.3 Handle SQL with Bind Variables handling

04m 27s

1.4 Explore the performance advantages of SQL using Functions

03m 54s

1.5 See what’s new for Oracle12: SQL Directives

03m 55s

Put it all together

01m 30s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Oracle Execution Plans/Explain Plans

Learning Objectives

00m 53s

2.1 Understand Explain Plans

01m 40s

2.2 Set up and use the PLAN_TABLE

04m 24s

2.3 Use SQL*Plus

11m 58s

2.4 Use TOAD

03m 33s

2.5 Use SQL Developer

01m 27s

2.6 Use Rapid SQL

01m 47s

2.7 Use JS Tuner

03m 2s

2.8 Use SQL Trace

15m 37s

2.9 Get the correct information from Oracle to solve SQL performance issues

06m 22s

Put it all together

01m 22s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Explain Plan Content

Learning Objectives

00m 24s

3.1 Understand Explain Plan Anatomy

08m 23s

3.2 Explore the Oracle SQL Parsing Process

07m 5s

3.3 Understand the Cost-Based Optimizer steps

14m 25s

3.4 Explore the Explain Plan Line-Item Content

13m 0s

3.5 Understand Table Joins

10m 14s

3.6 Explore the Optimizer Choices

15m 45s

3.7 See common issues with poorly performing Partitioned queries

05m 32s

3.8 Use Driving Table Hints

07m 5s

Put it all together

01m 20s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Indexes

Learning Objectives

00m 53s

4.1 Understand how Indexes work

06m 20s

4.2 Explore the Complete Index syntax

19m 38s

4.3 See how the CBO chooses which Index to use

02m 14s

4.4 Utilize Index Monitoring

06m 39s

4.5 Understand Index Clustering Factor

10m 46s

4.6 Utilize Bitmap Indexes

05m 40s

4.7 Understand Index-organized tables

03m 15s

4.8 Explore Index tips and techniques

05m 25s

4.9 Use some helpful Index Hints

05m 38s

Put it all together

01m 22s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Where Clause Processing

Learning Objectives

00m 32s

5.1 Understand how the CBO arrives at row estimations

03m 16s

5.2 Explore where the math goes wrong

01m 48s

5.3 Use the proper data types for better performance

07m 20s

5.4 Look at the Where clause content

02m 46s

Put it all together

00m 58s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Sorts/Views/Sub-Query Processing

Learning Objectives

00m 31s

6.1 Look at SQL that has Sorts

04m 8s

6.2 Explore how the CBO processes views

03m 1s

6.3 Understand Sub-query processing

07m 13s

6.4 Control the Explain Plan via Sub-queries

08m 48s

6.5 Use Hints in Sub-queries

03m 33s

Put it all together

01m 8s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Problem SQL Review

Learning Objectives

00m 28s

7.1 Spot Problem SQL via Explain Plan

02m 20s

7.2 Review Problem SQL 1

02m 32s

7.3 Review Problem SQL 2

01m 39s

7.4 Review Problem SQL 3

01m 53s

7.5 Use Table Alias for code readability

05m 5s

7.6 Review Hints

07m 7s

Put it all together

00m 47s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Data Types and Statistics

Learning Objectives

00m 27s

8.1 Use the proper data types

03m 16s

8.2 Understand CBO Histograms

08m 35s

8.3 Explore Oracle12 Adaptive Statistics

01m 38s

8.4 Review Oracle Adaptive SQL Plans

06m 28s

Put it all together

01m 5s

Chapter: Summary

Oracle SQL Performance Tuning for Developers LiveLessons: Summary

00m 59s