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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Oracle SQL: Introduction

06m 20s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Oracle SQL Course Overview

Learning objectives

00m 33s

1.1 Understand the course pre-requisites

00m 49s

1.2 Utilize the course download

01m 36s

1.3 Understand the course database objects

01m 35s

1.4 Introduce the Database Relational Model

07m 9s

1.5 Introduce the Oracle Architecture

08m 10s

Put it all together

00m 46s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Introduction to the Course Tools

Learning objectives

00m 55s

2.1 Work with SQL*Plus

05m 56s

2.2 Utilize SQL*Developer

05m 30s

2.3 Explore Toad

04m 59s

Put it all together

01m 0s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Introduction to SQL

Learning objectives

00m 16s

3.1 Understand Simple SQL queries

03m 41s

3.2 Work with Where clauses

05m 45s

3.3 Hands-on Lab

06m 55s

Put it all together

00m 21s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Table Joins

Learning objectives

00m 37s

4.1 Discover available tables/columns

03m 14s

4.2 Use the tools to create SQL without typing

09m 9s

4.3 Understand multiple table joins

08m 9s

4.4 Work with ANSI syntax

03m 0s

4.5 Use Oracle12 new ANSI join syntax

00m 59s

4.6 Explore sorting options

01m 47s

4.7 Hands-on Lab

04m 45s

Put it all together

00m 56s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Functions and Pseudocolumns

Learning objectives

00m 43s

5.1 Utilize pseudocolumns

02m 36s

5.2 Review character/string functions

02m 18s

5.3 Explore date functions

07m 28s

5.4 Understand number functions

02m 11s

5.5 Work with Decode/Case/regular expressions/pattern matching functions

03m 34s

5.6 Work with Group By functions

02m 34s

5.7 Use multiple functions

05m 47s

5.8 Use the functions from the tools

02m 39s

5.9 Hands-on Lab

06m 15s

Put it all together

00m 54s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Advanced Queries Using Sub-Queries

Learning objectives

00m 25s

6.1 Understand sub-queries

09m 33s

6.2 Work with in-line views

04m 12s

6.3 Utilize SQL coding tips and techniques

02m 35s

6.4 Hands-on Lab

05m 4s

Put it all together

00m 35s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Oracle Data Manipulation and Definition Language

Learning objectives

00m 40s

7.1 Understand how to create tables

14m 19s

7.2 Utilize subsets of tables

01m 23s

7.3 Work with inserting data

03m 57s

7.4 Explore updating data

01m 57s

7.5 Utilize deleting data

03m 58s

7.6 Use the MERGE command

00m 45s

7.7 Utilize the tools to perform DML and DDL operations

08m 48s

7.8 Hands-on Lab

10m 15s

Put it all together

00m 45s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Database Management

Learning objectives

00m 26s

8.1 Work with sequences

05m 12s

8.2 Understand identity columns

01m 57s

8.3 Explore creating views

03m 21s

8.4 Understand permissions

06m 0s

8.5 Use indexes to increase SQL performance

08m 55s

8.6 Introduce SQL performance tuning

04m 5s

8.7 Hands-on Lab

04m 26s

Put it all together

00m 44s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Data Relationships

Learning objectives

00m 29s

9.1 Learn what referential integrity is

02m 26s

9.2 Explore your data relationships

01m 2s

9.3 Use entity-relationship diagrams

03m 35s

9.4 View related data

01m 21s

9.5 Save related data (useful for test data/reports)

01m 51s

9.6 Live Demonstration

06m 27s

Put it all together

00m 32s

Chapter: Lesson 10: Analytical SQL

Learning objectives

00m 31s

10.1 Introduce analytical SQL

02m 28s

10.2 Use analytical functions

02m 46s

10.3 Explore partitioning functions

04m 4s

10.4 Utilize windowing functions

02m 35s

Put it all together

00m 55s

Chapter: Lesson 11: Simple Reports Using SQL*Plus

Learning objectives

00m 29s

11.1 Introduce SQL*Plus formatting commands

07m 59s

11.2 Build simple reports

05m 59s

11.3 Utilize HTML reports

02m 38s

11.4 Explore creating pivot tables

04m 38s

11.5 Introduce Oracle scripting

14m 24s

11.6 Hands-on Lab

03m 43s

Put it all together

01m 11s

Chapter: Lesson 12: Toad and SQL Developer Reports

Learning objectives

00m 19s

12.1 Use the Toad Report Writer

03m 26s

12.2 Explore creating reports using SQL Developer

03m 41s

12.3 Hands-on Lab

07m 37s

Put it all together

00m 18s

Chapter: Lesson 13: Spreadsheets and Saving the Data Using the Tools

Learning objectives

00m 31s

13.1 Explore saving data/creating spreadsheets using SQL*Plus

03m 41s

13.2 Utilize saving data/creating spreadsheets using SQL Developer

01m 55s

13.3 Work with saving data/creating spreadsheets/Access databases using Toad

01m 44s

13.4 Hands-on Lab

04m 53s

Put it all together

00m 23s

Chapter: Lesson 14: Microsoft Office Programs with Oracle SQL

Learning objectives

00m 25s

14.1 Introduce ODBC drivers

01m 0s

14.2 Implement Oracle connections using ODBC

00m 50s

14.3 Explore SQL from Excel

01m 24s

14.4 Understand SQL from Access

00m 57s

Put it all together

00m 24s

Chapter: Summary

Oracle SQL: Summary

01m 36s