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Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to Power Excel 2013 with MrExcel LiveLessons

02m 18s

Chapter: Excel Interface

Learning objectives

00m 32s

Sign in to Office

04m 18s

Start Screen

03m 24s

Dual Monitors

05m 7s

Flash Fill

06m 13s

Quick Analysis

04m 6s

Apps for Office

04m 54s

Ribbon Customizing

08m 27s

Keyboard Shortcuts

10m 57s

Page Layout View

06m 13s

Customize Future Workbooks

07m 5s

Copy Worksheets

03m 58s

Change All Worksheets

03m 47s

Create PDF

03m 57s

Finding Icons

04m 10s

Snow Blindness

06m 18s

Chapter: Text

Learning objectives

00m 33s

Fill Handle

09m 10s

Custom List

03m 35s

Joining Text

02m 14s

Rapid Formula Copy

02m 59s

Proper Case

02m 11s

Joining Dates

05m 21s

Formulas to Values

04m 3s

Breaking Apart Text

05m 9s

Chapter: Formulas

Learning objectives

00m 39s

AutoSum Tricks

03m 54s

Formula Auditing

07m 10s

Entering Formulas

04m 11s

Absolute Reference

04m 43s


04m 39s

Loan Calculations

04m 34s

Goal Seek

02m 42s

What-If Table

06m 46s

IF Formulas

10m 9s


10m 47s

Date & Time

11m 28s


03m 25s

Coerce an Array

06m 28s

Chapter: Sort & Filter

Learning objectives

00m 40s

Data Preparation

03m 35s

One-Click Sorting

03m 10s

Sort by Color

02m 49s

Sort by Weekday

03m 4s

Rearranging Columns

02m 39s

Sort with a Formula

05m 25s

Filter by Selection

04m 11s


03m 55s

Remove Duplicates

05m 12s

Chapter: Subtotals

Learning objectives

00m 36s


03m 12s

Collapsing Subtotals

01m 26s

Copy Subtotals

03m 43s

Formatting Subtotals

02m 16s

Sorting Subtotals

02m 30s

Count, Last

07m 12s


02m 3s

Data Consolidate

03m 51s

Chapter: Pivot

Learning objectives

00m 44s

Creating a Pivot Table

05m 12s

Changing a Pivot Table

03m 39s

Pivot Gotchas

07m 46s

Pivot Formatting

06m 12s

Drill Down

04m 6s

Pivot Calculations

11m 1s

Summarizing Dates

05m 17s

Pivot Sorting

03m 41s

Filtering Row Fields

02m 7s

Top 10 Report

05m 21s

Filtering with Slicers

07m 41s

Multiple Pivots, One Slicer

05m 47s

50 Reports in 5 Seconds

03m 0s

New Cache

02m 51s

Frequency Chart

02m 45s

Compare 2 Lists

03m 41s

Perfect Formatting

06m 14s

Chapter: PowerPivot

Learning objectives

00m 49s

Data Model

04m 51s


06m 32s

Grid Calculations

05m 42s

Calendar Table

05m 2s

Calculated Fields

08m 14s

Power View

09m 52s

Chapter: Charting

Learning objectives

00m 57s

Recommended Charts

05m 55s

Formatting Chart

08m 18s

Data Labels

05m 31s

Combo Charts

02m 16s

Scatter Charts

04m 6s

Saving Template

02m 25s


04m 15s

Labeling Sparklines

05m 44s

Color Scales, Icon Sets, Data Bars

06m 55s

Creating SmartArt

04m 14s

SmartArt Formulas

04m 9s

Chapter: Tips & Tricks

Learning objectives

00m 36s

Turn Data

03m 8s

Choose from List

02m 21s

Cell Tooltips

02m 59s

Mail Merge

02m 10s

Talk with Excel

03m 10s

Chapter: Excel Web App

Learning objectives

01m 12s

Web Data

04m 31s

Publish to Web

05m 12s

Embed in Webpage

02m 47s

Excel Button

03m 4s


04m 22s

Chapter: Introduction

Summary of Power Excel 2013 with MrExcel LiveLessons

01m 6s