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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 4s

Chapter: Module 1: Getting Ready to Take the RHCSA Exam

Getting Ready to Take the RHCSA Exam

00m 7s

Chapter: Lesson 1: About This Course

1.1 How to Use This Course

02m 25s

Chapter: Lesson 2: The RHCSA Exam

2.1 Understanding the Structure of the RHCSA Exam

04m 54s

2.2 What to Do When You’re Stuck

02m 34s

2.3 RHCSA Test-taking Techniques

04m 29s

2.4 Exam Day Strategies

02m 38s

Chapter: Module 2: RHCSA Traps, Pitfalls, and Difficulties

RHCSA Traps, Pitfalls, and Difficulties

00m 7s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Understanding and Using Basic Tools

3.1 Using grep and Regular Expressions to Analyze Text

02m 20s

3.2 Accessing Remote Systems Using ssh

06m 5s

3.3 Logging In and Switching Users in Multiple Targets

03m 0s

3.4 Creating, Deleting, Copying, and Moving Files and Directories

01m 5s

3.5 Creating Hard and Soft Links

05m 7s

3.6 Listing, Changing, and Setting Standard ugo/rwx Permissions

07m 6s

3.7 Locating, Reading, and Using System Documentation

06m 28s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Operating Running Systems

4.1 Booting Systems into Different Targets Manually

02m 10s

4.2 Interrupting the Boot Process In Order to Gain Access to a System

12m 47s

4.3 Identifying CPU/Memory Intensive Processes and Adjusting Process Priority with renice and kill Processes

01m 32s

4.4 Locating and Interpreting System Log Files and Journals

03m 35s

4.5 Accessing a Virtual Machine's Console

02m 6s

4.6 Starting, Stopping, and Checking the Status of Network Services

06m 3s

4.7 Securely Transferring Files Between Systems

00m 23s


04m 20s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Configuring Local Storage

5.1 Creating Primary, Extended, and Logical Partitions

10m 12s

5.2 Managing Partition Properties

11m 45s

5.3 Creating Physical Volumes, Volume Groups, and Logical Volumes

07m 20s

5.4 Configuring Systems to Mount File Systems at Boot by UUID or Label

01m 15s

5.5 Adding New Partitions and Logical Volumes and Swapping to a System Non-Destructively

00m 39s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Creating and Configuring File Systems

6.1 Creating, Mounting, Unmounting, and Using vfat, ext4, and xfs File Systems

02m 13s

6.2 Mounting and Unmounting CIFS and NFS Network File Systems

12m 3s

6.3 Extending Existing Logical Volumes

06m 49s

6.4 Creating and Configuring Set-GID Directories for Collaboration

07m 49s

6.5 Creating and Managing Access Control Lists (ACLs)

04m 46s

6.6 Diagnosing and Correcting File Permission Problems

00m 24s


01m 41s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Configuring and Maintaining System Deployment

7.1 Configuring Networking and Hostname Resolution Statically or Dynamically

08m 22s

7.2 Scheduling Tasks Using at and cron

00m 54s

7.3 Configuring Systems to Launch Virtual Machines at Boot

01m 46s

7.4 Configuring a System to Use Time Services

01m 29s

7.5 Installing and Updating Software Packages

06m 28s

7.6 Updating the Kernel Package Appropriately to Ensure a Bootable System

00m 38s

7.7 Modifying the System Bootloader

02m 14s


00m 33s

Chapter: Lesson 8: User Management and Permissions

8.1 Working with Local User Accounts

02m 31s

8.2 Creating, Deleting, and Modifying Local Groups and Group Memberships

01m 44s

8.3 Configuring a System to Use an Existing Authentication Service for User and Group Information

11m 1s


00m 56s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Managing Security

9.1 Configuring Firewall Settings Using firewall-config, firewall-cmd, or iptables

05m 20s

9.2 Configuring Key-based Authentication for SSH

00m 34s

9.3 Setting Enforcing and Permissive Modes for SELinux

01m 52s

9.4 Listing and Identifying SELinux File and Process Context

02m 41s

9.5 Restoring Default File Contexts

03m 0s

9.6 Using Boolean Settings to Modify System SELinux Settings

01m 29s

9.7 Diagnosing and Addressing Routine SELinux Policy Violations

08m 36s

9.8 Fixing the SELinux Configuration

04m 6s


01m 54s

Chapter: Module 3: Live Exam Walk-Through

Live Exam Walk-Through

00m 7s

10 Setting Up Repositories

07m 37s

11 Configuring Storage

13m 11s

12 Managing Users

03m 53s

13 Managing Services

04m 38s

14 Setting Up cron Jobs

03m 30s

15 Managing Permissions

11m 46s

16 Managing Security

17m 11s