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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to Spring Framework LiveLessons

01m 55s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Introduction to Spring

Learning objectives

00m 29s

1.1 Understand why millions of developers use Spring

03m 46s

1.2 Explore the SpringSource Tool Suite

01m 29s

1.3 Manage application dependencies with Spring

08m 26s

1.4 Run your Spring application using ApplicationContext

08m 6s

Chapter: Lesson 2: The Life of a Bean

Learning objectives

00m 27s

2.1 Use bean lifecycle callbacks

04m 14s

2.2 Use bean scopes

07m 26s

2.3 Teach your beans new tricks with Bean(Factory)PostProcessors

11m 42s

2.4 Teach your beans new tricks with AOP

03m 27s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Power Tools in Core Spring

Learning objectives

00m 28s

3.1: Get beans from strange places

11m 25s

3.2: Manage threading with Spring

04m 27s

3.3: Schedule jobs with Spring

02m 5s

3.4: Cache expensive operations with the CacheManager API

05m 57s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Relational Data Access with Spring

Learning objectives

00m 20s

4.1 Understand common data access support

02m 18s

4.2 Manage transactions

03m 38s

4.3 Access relational database access with JDBC

06m 46s

4.4 Access relational database access with JPA

07m 11s

Chapter: Lesson 5: NoSQL Data Access with Spring

Learning objectives

00m 22s

5.1 Explore the next generation of data

03m 43s

5.2 Communicate with Spring data Redis

06m 50s

5.3 Communicate with Spring data MongoDB

06m 35s

5.4 Simplify data access with Spring data repositories

14m 1s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Batch Processing with Spring

Learning objectives

00m 22s

6.1 Understand why batch processing is important

03m 35s

6.2 Explore the anatomy of a batch job

02m 51s

6.3 Define jobs with XML

01m 45s

6.4 Define jobs with Java configuration

11m 50s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Integration and Messaging in Spring

Learning objectives

00m 28s

7.1 Understand common messaging idioms in Spring

02m 27s

7.2 Work with a JMS broker

09m 31s

7.3 Work with AMQP and RabbitMQ support

11m 18s

7.4 Understand enterprise application integration (EAI)

21m 26s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Building Web Applications with Spring

Learning objectives

00m 36s

8.1 Understand Spring’s Servlet support

03m 8s

8.2 Use Spring MVC

16m 23s

8.3 Take a trip back in time

06m 25s

8.4 Understand the web's architecture with REST

11m 16s

8.5 Build mobile-friendly web applications

06m 31s

8.6 Build native Android applications

06m 30s

8.7 Explore a more social Spring

11m 37s

8.8 Secure web applications with Spring Security

09m 22s

8.9 Secure RESTful services with Spring Security OAuth

12m 16s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Cloud Foundry

Learning objectives

00m 21s

9.1 Understand Cloud Foundry

03m 6s

9.2 Obtain a Cloud Foundry account

08m 40s

Chapter: Summary

Summary of Spring Framework LiveLessons

01m 0s