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Table of Contents

Chapter: Brainstorming Your Big Idea


01m 30s

Why you need a big idea

04m 34s

Brainstorming and refining your big idea

06m 16s

Chapter: Writing Your Presentation Proposal

Parts of a conference proposal

01m 52s

The Title

02m 49s

The Write-up

06m 16s

The Bio

05m 39s

Chapter: Structuring Your Presentation

Start with you

03m 19s

Build a narrative

04m 33s

Develop an outline

02m 24s

Chapter: Creating Your Presentation

The slide deck

04m 37s

Hone your communication skills

04m 28s

Practice your presentation

03m 22s

Chapter: Presentation Day

Pre-Game: Before you hit the stage

03m 24s

Game Time: On stage

03m 44s

Q&A: Handling the audience

04m 42s

Iterating your presentation

02m 46s