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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

SQL Server Replication Fundamentals LiveLesson: Introduction

04m 20s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Overview of SQL Server Replication

Learning Objectives

00m 37s

1.1 Define Replication

03m 11s

1.2 Identify Replication Types

02m 23s

1.3 Understand Server Roles

03m 48s

1.4 Identify Replication Agents

04m 20s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Configuring Replication

Learning Objectives

00m 31s

2.1 Set up Distribution

04m 5s

2.2 Set up Publishing

02m 42s

2.3 Set up Subscribers

03m 8s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Working with Snapshot Replication

Learning Objectives

00m 36s

3.1 Configure Snapshot Replication

04m 56s

3.2 Work with Snapshot Options and Settings

06m 9s

3.3 Generate Snapshots

03m 17s

3.4 Configure Snapshot Agent Profiles

04m 21s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Working with Transactional Replication

Learning Objectives

00m 43s

4.1 Configure Transactional Replication

13m 36s

4.2 Create Subscriptions

12m 44s

4.3 Synchronize Transactional Subscriptions

10m 25s

4.4 Modify Publications

06m 53s

4.5 Understand Replication Stored Procedures

06m 39s

4.6 Configure Distribution Agent Profiles

04m 8s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Working with Merge Replication

Learning Objectives

00m 39s

5.1 Configure Merge Replication

06m 29s

5.2 Synchronize Merge Subscriptions

06m 2s

5.3 Understand Replication Triggers

07m 34s

5.4 Configure Merge Agent Profiles

02m 26s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Working with Peer-to-Peer

Learning Objectives

00m 33s

6.1 Configure Peer-to-Peer

08m 23s

6.2 Work with Peer-to-Peer Replication

10m 5s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Special Considerations for Replication

Learning Objectives

00m 42s

7.1 Use Identities in Replication

07m 12s

7.2 Replicate Indexes and Foreign Keys

07m 58s

7.3 Understand the NOT FOR REPLICATION Option

07m 36s

7.4 Backup Replication with Scripts

05m 48s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Configuring Replication Security

Learning Objectives

00m 36s

8.1 Configure the Publication Access List

03m 54s

8.2 Identify Accounts with Replication Access

07m 17s

8.3 Set up Permissions

05m 58s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Troubleshooting and Monitoring Replication

Learning Objectives

00m 40s

9.1 Use Replication Monitor

10m 47s

9.2 Identify Replication System Tables

05m 55s

9.3 Use the Ignore Error Option

09m 7s

9.4 Understand the MSdistribution_status View

04m 13s

Chapter: Summary

SQL Server Replication Fundamentals LiveLesson: Summary

01m 34s