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Table of Contents

Chapter: Excel Functions for Basic Inferential Statistics -- Special Cases

Learning objectives

01m 38s

Independent groups, unequal variances

30m 35s

Dependent groups

47m 10s

Chapter: Managing Statistical Power

Learning objectives

01m 2s

Alpha in Chart of t values

22m 49s

The standard error of mean: Standard deviation and sample size

19m 18s

Directional and nondirectional tests reviewed

25m 20s

Visual recap of how sample size, alpha, directionality mean difference influence power

20m 27s

Chapter: Excel Functions for Linear Regression

Learning objectives

01m 34s

LINEST() reviewed

21m 13s

The Meaning of "Best Combination"

13m 55s

Forcing a zero intercept

14m 38s

The Data Analysis add-in's Regression tool

21m 53s

Chapter: Comparing More than Two Means with ANOVA and Regression

Learning objectives

01m 36s

Rationale for ANOVA

14m 47s

The route to the F test

19m 44s

The single factor ANOVA tool

31m 5s

Effect coding and regression

34m 10s

Factorial designs

28m 30s

Shared variance

47m 6s

Rationale for using regression instead of ANOVA

38m 56s

Chapter: Multiple Comparisons

Learning objectives

01m 27s

Rationale for Multiple Comparisons

24m 5s

Planned Orthgonal Contrasts

19m 55s

Chapter: Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA)

Learning objectives

01m 10s

The rationale for ANCOVA

31m 15s

Running ANCOVA in Excel

28m 56s