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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to Statistical Analysis Using Excel LiveLessons

06m 7s

Chapter: About Excel and Statistical Analysis

Learning objectives

01m 21s

Accuracy of functions

05m 23s

Appropriate use of statistical functions

10m 51s

Overview of the Data Analysis Add-in

12m 23s

Chapter: Using Excel one variable at a time

Learning objectives

01m 35s

Central Tendency 1

15m 23s

Central Tendency 2

08m 2s

Variability 1

08m 16s

Variability 2

13m 54s

Variability 3

08m 44s

Array formulas using statistical functions

13m 41s

Array formulas or pivot tables?

12m 1s

Confidence intervals

11m 48s

Descriptive Statistics tool

12m 58s

Confidence intervals with the Descriptive Statistics tool

08m 28s

Chapter: Using one variable to analyze another

Learning objectives

01m 30s

Two variables at a time

12m 47s

Correlation and scattercharts

15m 11s

Regression and shared variance

21m 10s

Regression diagnostics

20m 42s

Understanding regression coefficients

23m 27s

Forecasting with the TREND() function

23m 49s

Chapter: Basic hypothesis testing

Learning objectives

01m 23s

Hypothesis testing: single sample z tests

18m 35s

Single sample z tests: Excel’s normal distribution functions

20m 58s

Z tests, alpha and statistical power

20m 13s

Chapter: Using the t distribution in Excel

Learning objectives

01m 37s

Mean differences and the t distribution

27m 47s

Two-sample t tests

30m 18s

Recap of consistency and compatibility functions

34m 18s