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Chapter: What are we really doing when we are seeing and reading? What we perceive when we see is only half the story.


02m 18s

How People See and Read

01m 44s

The Truth About Using All Capital Letters

02m 35s

All About Fonts

05m 22s

Headings And Line Length

04m 11s

Fusiform Facial Reference

03m 14s


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04m 16s

Peripheral Vision

05m 29s

Chapter: Research on thinking and memory shows us that people will try to do as little thinking as possible, and also that human memory is fragile.

System 1 and System 2 Thinking

03m 46s

The Myth of Seven + or – Two and Progressive Disclosure

08m 25s

Mental Models

05m 0s

Chapter: Most mental processing occurs unconsciously, and that includes decisions. If you want people to decide to press a button to sign up or buy then you need to understand how people make decisions

The 3 Brains

03m 22s

Fear and Loss

03m 53s

What Motivates People

02m 28s

Chapter: We are, by our biology, our psychology, and our evolutionary history, social animals. In this section we’ll take a look at social factors and how you can incorporate social factors into your designs.

Social Factors

04m 0s

Chapter: Let’s talk about next steps to get more information and start applying what you have learned.


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