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Table of Contents

Chapter: Round-Tripping Between Lightroom and Photoshop


02m 2s

Send Images to Photoshop With Lightroom's External Editing Preferences

07m 0s

Create Export Presets to Send Images to Photoshop

04m 36s

Return to Photoshop: Three Choices.

03m 13s

Chapter: Multiple-Image Effects

Create Panoramas in Lightroom and Extend Them with Photoshop's Content Aware Fill

07m 35s

Create Moving Stills

04m 50s

Merge Two Imperfect Images into a Perfect Result

03m 31s

Create Dynamic Slideshow Transitions

02m 19s

Composite Multiple Images in Photoshop

05m 34s

Chapter: Add Dynamic Type to Lightroom

Customize Book Module Covers

06m 26s

Fill Type With an Image

02m 45s

Add Shapes to Images

06m 0s

Add Captions to Images

02m 15s

Chapter: Create High Dynamic Range Images

Export to Photoshop HDR Pro

08m 43s

Get HDR-like Results from a Single Image

07m 12s

Chapter: Photo Retouching in Photoshop

Create a Smile with Liquify

01m 54s

Create a "Hollywood Glow" with Surface Blur

02m 59s

Chapter: Compensate for Your Camera

Fix Camera Shake

04m 41s

Upsample the Radical Crop

03m 59s

Add a Frame

06m 8s