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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to VMware vSphere Virtualization Fundamentals LiveLessons

02m 22s

Chapter: Lesson 1 - Core VMware Virtualization Concepts

Learning objectives

00m 24s

1.1 Comparing Physical Infrastructure with Virtual Infrastructure

05m 24s

1.2 Comparing Physical Architecture with Virtual Architecture

03m 28s

1.3 Real-World Benefits of Using Virtual Machines

06m 4s

Chapter: Lesson 2 - What is vSphere?

Learning objectives

00m 18s

2.1 vSphere Concepts

03m 0s

2.2 vSphere Networking

07m 34s

2.3 vSphere Storage

07m 7s

2.4 vSphere Management

07m 52s

Chapter: Lesson 3 - Understanding Virtual Machines

Learning objectives

00m 25s

3.1 Virtual Machine Files and Concepts

05m 54s

3.2 Virtual Machine Hardware

07m 40s

3.3 Guest OS Installation Options

17m 47s

3.4 Faster Ways to Deploy Virtual Machines

12m 26s

Chapter: Lesson 4 - Managing Virtual Machines

Learning objectives

00m 20s

4.1 Hardware Settings

06m 13s

4.2 Options Settings

10m 58s

4.3 Resource Settings

05m 55s

Chapter: Lesson 5 - Allocating CPU and Memory Resources

Learning objectives

00m 29s

5.1 Patented Technologies for Memory Efficiency

12m 19s

5.2 Best Practices for Virtual Machine CPU and Memory

07m 17s

5.3 Using Shares to Establish Priority

07m 37s

5.4 Using Limits and Reservations When Needed

08m 43s

5.5 Using Resource Pools

07m 5s

Chapter: Lesson 6 - Scalability Features in vSphere

Learning objectives

00m 32s

6.1 vMotion

10m 45s

6.2 Storage vMotion

08m 28s

6.3 High Availability and Fault Tolerance

25m 2s

6.4 Distributed Resource Scheduler

11m 22s

6.5 Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler

10m 17s

Chapter: Lesson 7 - Performance Monitoring and Tuning

Learning objectives

00m 24s

7.1 vCenter Performance Charts

08m 15s

7.2 vCenter Alarms

11m 48s

7.3 Resxtop

10m 29s

Chapter: Lesson 8 - Extending vSphere Capabilities to the Cloud

Learning objectives

00m 39s

8.1 Tools for Managing Large or Multiple Virtual Datacenters

10m 20s

8.2 Tools for Managing a Cloud Environment

09m 53s

Chapter: Summary

Summary of VMware vSphere Virtualization Fundamentals LiveLessons

02m 32s