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Table of Contents

Chapter: Profile Manager Setup Overview


00m 47s

Apple IDs

00m 41s

Setting Up OS X Server

02m 16s

Chapter: Apple Deployment Programs

Getting Started with Device Enrollment Program

06m 12s

Using DEP

03m 21s

Linking Your Profile Manager with DEP

02m 36s

Assigning Devices in DEP to an MDM

06m 50s

Creating Users in Open Directory

01m 11s

Setting Up Your First iOS Device

04m 2s

Configuration Profiles

11m 35s

Activation Lock

01m 53s

Device Behavior with Profiles

01m 33s

Removing Profiles

00m 51s

Chapter: Volume Purchasing Program

An Introduction to VPP

00m 57s

Managed Distribution

02m 21s

Purchasing Apps

03m 24s

Inviting Users to Managed Distribution

01m 39s

Assigning Apps

05m 32s

VPP—What Did We Learn?

01m 30s

Unenrolling Devices and Removing Profiles

01m 26s