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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started


02m 15s


05m 22s

Accessing a Unix System

03m 56s

Listing and Changing Directories

09m 27s

Getting Help with man

05m 19s

more, cat, and Exploring the System

04m 14s

Chapter: Using Directories and Files

Creating, Copying, and Moving Directories and Files

10m 51s

Removing Directories and Files

06m 53s

Linking Files

04m 31s

Finding Directories and Files

07m 9s

Chapter: Using Shells

Shell Basics

05m 43s

Chapter: Creating and Editing Files

Choosing an Editor: nano/pico or vi

06m 7s

Chapter: Controlling Ownership and Permissions

Permissions and Ownership Basics

08m 7s

Chapter: Manipulating Files

Getting Information About File Contents

06m 0s

Using grep

08m 19s

Comparing Files

06m 1s

Changing Case and Formatting Text

06m 49s

Piping and Redirecting

08m 29s

Chapter: Getting Information About the System

Getting Information About the System and Your userid

15m 21s

Chapter: Writing and Running Basic Scripts

Creating and Running Shell Scripts

06m 54s

Making Scripts Executable

04m 55s

Looping Your Scripts

07m 19s

Scheduling Regularly Occurring Jobs

04m 54s

Managing Jobs

07m 38s

Checking the Status of Jobs and Killing Jobs

05m 16s

Chapter: Using Utilities

Internet Utilities

06m 40s

Useful Utilities

07m 9s