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Table of Contents

Chapter: Angular


02m 30s

Angular Getting Started

07m 37s

Angular Controllers

08m 49s

Angular AJAX

07m 3s

Angular Services

05m 43s

Testing Angular with Karma

14m 52s

Testing Angular Services

12m 14s

Testing Angular Controllers

07m 12s

Chapter: Gulp

Gulp JavaScript Building

07m 7s

Gulp Watch

02m 17s

Gulp JavaScript Minification

03m 36s

Gulp Error Handling with Plumber

01m 34s

Gulp CSS Compiling

07m 31s

Chapter: Node

Serving Angular with Node

06m 18s

Gulp Nodemon

02m 36s

Angular Router with Node

08m 36s

Node POST Echo Endpoint

04m 42s

Node + Mongo Integration

06m 0s

Node GET Endpoint

03m 14s

Interfacing Angular with Node

05m 0s

Interfacing Angular Forms with Node

03m 41s


10m 46s