WPF 4.5 Programming LiveLessons (Video Training)
By Jason Rainwater
Publisher: Pearson
Final Release Date: June 2014
Run time: 4 hours 26 minutes

4½ Hours of Video Instruction

In WPF 4.5 Programming LiveLessons, Jason Rainwater shows how to create rich, next-generation applications with WPF using Visual Studio 2013. Master panels, content and item controls, code behind, binding, resources, styles, templates, behaviors, animations, custom controls, localization, navigation, MVVM, and more! New features on 4.5 are covered, including binding to static properties, automatically updating the source of a data binding via delay, and enabling smooth scrolling with ScrollUnit on VirtualizingStackPanel.

About the Author

Jason Rainwateris a senior consultant with Veracity Solutions. His specialties include in-depth knowledge of WPF, Silverlight, and XAML; he has designed and built enterprise scalable WPF and Silverlight smart client applications utilizing MVVM, Prism, and many more patterns and frameworks.

Skill Level

  • Beginner to intermediate

Learn how to

  • Create a WPF application starting from the very first project creation
  • Understand the basic controls
  • Style controls
  • Use Binding
  • Write custom controls
  • Use advanced XAML techniques such as Behaviors
  • Understand advanced concepts such as localization, navigation, and MVVM

Who Should Take This Course

  • Developers looking for a practical introduction to WPF for creating desktop business applications

Course Requirements

  • Familiar with C# programming
  • Experience using Visual Studio

Table of Contents


WPF Overview

Lesson 1: Introduction to WPF


1.1 What is WPF?

1.2 What is XAML?

1.3 The Application Class

Part 1: Controls

Lesson 2: Layout


2.1 Basic Layout

2.2 Advanced Layout

Lesson 3: Panels


3.1 What are Panels?

3.2 Grid

3.3 StackPanel

3.4 DockPanel

3.5 WrapPanel

3.6 Canvas

Lesson 4: ContentControls


4.1 ContentControl Basics

4.2 TextBox

4.3 Button

Lesson 5: ItemsControl


5.1 ItemsControl Basics

5.2 ListBox

5.3 ComboBox

5.4 DataGrid

5.5 Scrolling and Virtualization

Lesson 6: Controls in Code Behind


6.1 Build a Screen in Code Behind

6.2 The Visual Tree

Part 2: Data Binding

Lesson 7: How Data Binding Works


7.1 What are Dependency Properties?

7.2 Dependency Properties in Code

7.3 Attached Properties in Code and XAML

7.4 DataContext

Lesson 8: The Basics of Data Binding


8.1 Notifications

8.2 Path

8.3 Mode

8.4 Converters

8.5 Converter Parameters

8.6 MultiBinding

Lesson 9: Advanced Data Binding


9.1 Sources

9.2 UpdateSourceTrigger and Delay

9.3 Validation

9.4 Bindings in Code

9.5 Binding to Static Properties

Part 3: Resources, Styles and Templates

Lesson 10: Resources


10.1 ResourceDictionary

10.2 StaticResource

10.3 DynamicResource

10.4 Where and How Resources Are Resolved

Lesson 11: Styles


11.1 What Styles Are and How They Work

11.2 How Styles Are Set

11.3 Style Inheritance (BasedOn)

Lesson 12: Control Templates


12.1 What Control Templates Are and How They Work

12.2 TemplateBinding

12.3 Triggers

12.4 VisualStateManager

12.5 ItemsControl's Template

12.6 TextBox Special Case

12.7 How to Set Templates

Lesson 13: Data Templates


13.1 What Data Templates Are and How They Work

13.2 Triggers

13.3 How to Set Data Templates

Part 4: Custom Controls, Behaviors, and Animations

Lesson 14: Custom Controls


14.1 Create a Custom Control

14.2 Build a Simple Control

14.3 Build an Advanced Control

Lesson 15: Interactions


15.1 Behaviors

15.2 TargetedTriggerActions

15.3 A More Advanced Behavior

15.4 Attached Property Behaviors

Lesson 16: Animations


16.1 Animation Basics

16.2 Advanced Animations

Part 5: Localization, Navigation, and MVVM

Lesson 17: Localization and Navigation


17.1 Adding Localization to XAML

17.2 Basic Navigation

Lesson 18: MVVM Basics


18.1 What is MVVM?

18.2 MVVM in Action


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