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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 15s

Chapter: Culling, Editing, and Exporting

Strategies for a Head Start

06m 4s

Downloading, Importing, and Renaming Files

09m 12s

Reconciling with a Second Shooter

07m 39s

Managing Photobooth Images

04m 11s

Culling Images

12m 52s

Filtering and Sorting Images

01m 44s

Making and Syncing Edits

05m 0s

Creating Virtual Groups

03m 36s

Deleting Unwanted Images

02m 38s

Renaming Files for Export

01m 27s

Exporting High-Resolution Proofs

01m 37s

Chapter: Making the Slideshow

Why Bother?

01m 56s

Choosing Slideshow Images

06m 18s

Retouching Slideshow Images

05m 21s

Processing Slideshow Images

03m 24s

Getting Your Slideshow Online

03m 36s

Chapter: Blog and Social Media Prep

The Discipline of Blogging

03m 44s

Automating Image Tagging

14m 56s

Processing Blog Images

04m 38s

Chapter: Album Design with Adobe InDesign

Albums for Everyone

01m 55s

Setting Yourself Up for Album Success

03m 47s

Using the Right Tools

02m 59s

Choosing a Core Album

03m 5s

Getting Started with InDesign

09m 15s

Setting Up a New Document

13m 15s

Custom Page Sizes and Album Covers

08m 37s

Placing Images

14m 29s

Doing More with Images

22m 5s

A Word on Stacking Order and Layers

09m 37s

Alignment Options

05m 56s

Working with Color: Strokes, Fills, and Transparency

11m 0s

Another Look at the Pages Panel

04m 36s

Behold the Power of Object Styles

10m 50s

Working with Text

07m 2s

Text Bonus Features

09m 39s

Making an Album from Start to Finish

42m 5s

Exporting and Proofing the Album Design

08m 56s

Making Revisions and Retouching

09m 38s

Preflight Check and Final Export

08m 12s

Chapter: Online Wedding Gallery

Vendor Recs and What to Look for in a Proofing Solution

02m 30s

Preparing and Transferring Images for the Web

03m 49s

Chapter: Client Delivery

Tying It All Together

02m 5s

Delivering Happiness

02m 10s

Review and Parting Thoughts

02m 41s