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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

WordPress for Developers LiveLessons: Introduction

05m 22s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Setting Up for Development in WordPress

Learning Objectives

00m 39s

1.1 The wp-content and related folders

15m 2s

1.2 Access and edit your WordPress files

11m 31s

1.3 Looking in the database

09m 47s

1.4 Examine basic security issues

09m 32s

1.5 Know WordPress development skills

09m 13s

1.6 Consider the Network option for development

06m 21s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Getting to Know WordPress Theme Development Standards

Learning Objectives

00m 39s

2.1 Look at the WordPress theme anatomy

03m 38s

2.2 Create a child theme

12m 57s

2.3 Examine the theme stylesheet

07m 6s

2.4 Learn about the Functions file

04m 42s

2.5 Use template files and the loop

11m 6s

2.6 Use Javascript files

05m 16s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Getting to Know WordPress Templates

Learning Objectives

00m 30s

3.1 What are templates?

04m 36s

3.2 Examine the template file list

06m 6s

3.3 Use basic templates

03m 33s

3.4 Use custom page templates

06m 28s

3.5 Learn the template hierarchy

06m 23s

3.6 Understand the WordPress page structure

07m 24s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Getting to Know WordPress Plugins and APIs

Learning Objectives

00m 34s

4.1 Write a plugin

10m 23s

4.2 Practice secure data validation methods

05m 26s

4.3 Learn about global variables

02m 41s

4.4 Learn the Plugin API

03m 39s

4.5 Use the Shortcode API

03m 17s

4.6 Use the Quicktags API

03m 41s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Getting to Know Great Themes for Development

Learning Objectives

00m 35s

5.1 Examine theme development options

19m 59s

5.2 Play with design and layout

13m 49s

5.3 Learn the TwentyTen theme

01m 59s

5.4 Learn the TwentyFifteen theme

01m 12s

5.5 Use the HTML5Blank theme

02m 19s

5.6 Use the Bones theme

03m 32s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Getting to Know WordPress Functions

Learning Objectives

00m 33s

6.1 Learn the Functions file

03m 30s

6.2 Choose Functions.php or plugins

02m 33s

6.3 Enable WordPress features

03m 19s

6.4 Use Post and Page functions

06m 3s

6.5 Use Category and Taxonomy functions

04m 54s

6.6 Use Attachment and Feed functions

05m 2s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Getting to Know Resources and References

Learning Objectives

00m 38s

7.1 Research WordPress coding standards

03m 56s

7.2 Research theme design

03m 52s

7.3 Research CSS in WordPress

03m 8s

7.4 Research WordPress templates

05m 37s

7.5 Research WordPress functions

03m 57s

7.6 Learn to test and perform quality assurance in WordPress

05m 12s

Chapter: Summary

WordPress for Developers LiveLessons: Summary

01m 3s