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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Windows PowerShell Fundamentals LiveLessons: Introduction

05m 13s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Windows PowerShell Basics

Learning Objectives

00m 38s

1.1 Understand What Windows PowerShell is

01m 9s

1.2 Understand objects

01m 33s

1.3 Understand different PowerShell versions

04m 52s

1.4 Understand Core PowerShell functionality vs. extensions

02m 34s

1.5 Explain Windows PowerShell applications

04m 16s

1.6 Customize the Windows PowerShell Console

03m 7s

1.7 Customize the Windows PowerShell ISE

02m 57s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Finding Help with PowerShell

Learning Objectives

00m 47s

2.1 Access help documentation

03m 55s

2.2 Understand help documentation

05m 47s

2.3 Update help documentation

03m 29s

2.4 Explore PowerShell commands

03m 38s

2.5 Use Show-Command Cmdlet

02m 56s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Performing Basic Administrative Tasks

Learning Objectives

00m 56s

3.1 Understand PowerShell providers

01m 40s

3.2 Understand PowerShell drives

05m 54s

3.3 Browse the file system, certificate store, and registry

12m 35s

3.4 Manage Windows Services

05m 9s

3.5 Manage Windows Processes

02m 58s

3.6 Explore Event Log for errors

06m 35s

3.7 Maintain physical disk configuration

03m 58s

3.8 Manage logical volumes

04m 33s

3.9 Install/Uninstall Windows roles and features

03m 50s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Performing Advanced Tasks in the Pipeline

Learning Objectives

01m 20s

4.1 Understand the PowerShell pipeline

03m 53s

4.2 Explore members of an object

04m 3s

4.3 Using Measure-Object cmdlet

05m 31s

4.4 Output display content to a file

03m 55s

4.5 Convert information with PowerShell

04m 53s

4.6 Import and export information from PowerShell

06m 8s

4.7 Understand PowerShell comparison and logical operators

05m 5s

4.8 Filter objects with PowerShell

04m 10s

4.9 Use Foreach-Object

02m 33s

Chapter: Lesson 5: Formatting the Output

Learning Objectives

00m 41s

5.1 Use Select-Object and calculated columns

08m 56s

5.2 Sort objects using PowerShell

05m 4s

5.3 Format the output

07m 10s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Using the WMI and CIM Cmdlets

Learning Objectives

01m 10s

6.1 Understand WMI vs. CIM

01m 55s

6.2 Understand the repository

02m 0s

6.3 Explore the repository

05m 49s

6.4 Find help

07m 14s

6.5 Use WMI cmdlets

08m 44s

6.6 Use CIM cmdlets

09m 43s

6.7 Work with CIM sessions

08m 52s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Using PowerShell against Remote Systems

Learning Objectives

01m 7s

7.1 Understand the remote technologies used in PowerShell

02m 57s

7.2 Understand security of PowerShell remoting

03m 21s

7.3 Set up PowerShell remoting

02m 51s

7.4 Work with remote computers

07m 27s

7.5 Work with interactive sessions

06m 56s

7.6 Use implicit remoting

09m 43s

Chapter: Lesson 8: Creating PowerShell Scripts

Learning Objectives

01m 1s

8.1 Understand scripting basics

05m 43s

8.2 Use PowerShell variables

06m 31s

8.3 Create PowerShell comments

05m 42s

8.4 Use If construct

09m 15s

8.5 Use Switch construct

03m 39s

8.6 Use For/ForEach construct

06m 52s

8.7 Create your first script

13m 6s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Introduction to Desired State Configuration

Learning Objectives

00m 53s

9.1 Understand Desired State Configuration basics

05m 16s

9.2 Distinguish between the DSC push and pull model

03m 25s

9.3 Create a DSC configuration

09m 37s

9.4 Use the DSC push model

06m 17s

9.5 Configure the DSC pull model

15m 35s

Chapter: Summary

Windows PowerShell Fundamentals LiveLessons: Summary

02m 22s