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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Wi-Fi Configuration, Deployment and Troubleshooting LiveLessons: Introduction

06m 52s

Chapter: Lesson 1: Building the “Right” Wireless Network

Learning Objectives

01m 20s

1.1 Wireless Networks Deployment Phases

08m 55s

1.2 Common Verticals Requirements—General Enterprise

06m 56s

1.3 Common Verticals Requirements—Healthcare

06m 9s

1.4 Common Verticals Requirements—Warehousing and Industrial

03m 34s

1.5 Common Verticals Requirements—Stores, Hotels & Hospitality, and Hotspots

11m 21s

1.6 Common Verticals Requirements—Education

01m 38s

1.7 Common Verticals Requirements—Outdoor

04m 50s

Chapter: Lesson 2: Application-Specific Needs

Learning Objectives

01m 28s

2.1 Roaming vs Nomadic Designs

04m 39s

2.2 TCP-Based Application Requirements

11m 39s

2.3 UDP-Based Application Requirements

18m 29s

2.4 High Density vs High Capacity

08m 47s

Chapter: Lesson 3: Determining the Right Cell Size

Learning Objectives

02m 13s

3.1 Understanding Factors Affecting Cell Shape and Size

02m 4s

3.2 AP Power vs Client Power

24m 14s

3.3 Allowed Data Rates and Cell Sizes

12m 23s

3.4 Beamforming

03m 30s

3.5 Cell Size and Client Dream Speeds

09m 48s

3.6 Common Design Practices

11m 1s

Chapter: Lesson 4: Site Survey Techniques

Learning Objectives

01m 54s

4.1 Identifying Problematic Areas with a Walkthrough

09m 15s

4.2 Dealing with Problematic Areas

08m 49s

4.3 Survey Types and Tools

19m 57s

4.4 How to Survey

10m 15s

Chapter: Lesson 5: How to Position an AP

Learning Objectives

02m 15s

5.1 Wall Mount vs Ceiling Mount

09m 5s

5.2 Antennas

14m 48s

5.3 Building Edges

06m 55s

5.4 Cell Overlaps

16m 25s

5.5 AP Positioning Recommendations

09m 30s

Chapter: Lesson 6: Basic and Advanced Configurations

Learning Objectives

02m 44s

6.1 Channel and Rate Setup

12m 18s

6.2 Power Setup

08m 40s

6.3 Security Setup

15m 59s

6.4 802.11w

07m 50s

6.5 802.11r

08m 34s

6.6 802.11k

03m 5s

6.7 802.11u

09m 13s

Chapter: Lesson 7: Deployment Good and Bad Practices

Learning Objectives

02m 7s

7.1 SSIDs

11m 5s

7.2 Data Rate Basics

15m 59s

7.3 Determining Your Minimum Data Rate

10m 54s

7.4 Good and Bad Security

09m 5s

7.5 Auto vs Manual

07m 28s

Chapter: Lesson 8: When Things Work—Capturing and Understanding Frame Exchanges

Learning Objectives

02m 54s

8.1 Common Tests

14m 13s

8.2 Capture Tools

12m 29s

8.3 Capture Close Look

15m 6s

8.4 How to Read a Beacon

15m 2s

8.5 How to Read Security Exchanges

23m 26s

8.6 How to Read Signal Parameters

28m 14s

Chapter: Lesson 9: Capturing Exchanges for Troubleshooting—Wireshark & Excel Example

Learning Objectives

03m 7s

9.1 Filtering Packets

08m 7s

9.2 Exporting Packets

14m 29s

9.3 The Probing Hint

10m 20s

9.4 Beacon Interval

06m 45s

9.5 Clients in Trouble

21m 29s

Chapter: Lesson 10: Troubleshooting Application-specific Issues

Learning Objectives

01m 45s

10.1 Layer 2 vs Upper Layers

08m 57s

10.2 Layer 2 vs Upper Layers Troubleshooting Examples

23m 7s

10.3 Troubleshooting Voice

11m 27s

10.4 Troubleshooting Video

09m 52s

Chapter: Summary

Wi-Fi Configuration, Deployment and Troubleshooting LiveLessons: Summary

04m 10s