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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

vSphere 6 Foundations (Exam #2V0-620): Introduction

01m 54s

Chapter: Module 1 Introduction to the Software-Defined Data Center

Module Intro

00m 35s

Lesson 1: Introducing the Software-Defined Data Center

05m 49s

Lesson 2: Understanding Virtual Machine Architecture

11m 1s

Lesson 3: Understanding the Role of vSphere in Cloud Environments

04m 11s

Lesson 4: Introducing ESXi

05m 22s

Lesson 5: Installing ESXi

08m 18s

Lesson 6: Working with ESXi

07m 15s

Lesson 7: Installing and Using vSphere Client

09m 4s

Lesson 8: Configuring Remote Access

02m 22s

Chapter: Module 2 Working with Virtual Machines

Module Intro

00m 38s

Lesson 1: What Is a Virtual Machine?

13m 40s

Lesson 2: Exploring a Virtual Machine

03m 55s

Lesson 3: Virtual Machine Disk and Networking

07m 8s

Lesson 4: Provisioning a Virtual Machine

03m 40s

Lesson 5: Installing a Virtual Machine

05m 20s

Lesson 6: Accessing a Virtual Machine

02m 12s

Lesson 7: Using VMware Tools

08m 19s

Chapter: Module 3 vCenter Server

Module Intro

00m 51s

Lesson 1: Introducing vCenter Server Architecture

09m 44s

Lesson 2: Understanding vCenter Server Appliance Deployment Types

02m 25s

Lesson 3: Deploying and Configuring vCenter Server Appliance—Overview

05m 50s

Lesson 4: Deploying and Configuring vCenter Server Appliance—Demo

08m 26s

Lesson 5: Installing and Using vSphere Web Client

04m 14s

Lesson 6: Managing vCenter Server Inventory and Licenses

03m 2s

Lesson 7: Managing vCenter Server Inventory

10m 23s

Lesson 8: Configuring Time Synchronization

03m 23s

Chapter: Module 4 Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks

Module Intro

00m 33s

Lesson 1: Understanding the Need for Software-Defined Networking

02m 17s

Lesson 2: Understanding Virtual Switches

05m 4s

Lesson 3: Creating and Managing Standard Switches

07m 22s

Lesson 4: Understanding and Managing Standard Switch Policies

02m 58s

Lesson 5: Configuring Load Balancing

08m 32s

Lesson 6: Understanding vSphere Distributed Switches

04m 30s

Lesson 7: Creating vSphere Distributed Switches

05m 45s

Lesson 8: Managing vSphere Distributed Switches

07m 41s

Lesson 9: Understanding VMkernel Networking

05m 37s

Chapter: Module 5 Configuring and Managing Virtual Storage

Module Intro

00m 54s

Lesson 1: Understanding the Need for Virtual Storage

07m 35s

Lesson 2: Working with Datastores

04m 52s

Lesson 3: Understanding Storage Protocols and Storage Device Names

03m 9s

Lesson 4: Understanding iSCSI Storage

09m 0s

Lesson 5: Configuring ESXi with iSCSI Storage

12m 35s

Lesson 6: Configuring ESXi with NFS Storage

08m 24s

Lesson 7: Advanced NFS Options

04m 21s

Lesson 8: Creating and Managing VMFS Datastores

07m 31s

Lesson 9: Using Multipathing with Datastores

04m 57s

Chapter: Module 6 Understanding VMware Advanced Storage

Module Intro

00m 30s

Lesson 1: Introducing VMware Virtual SAN

03m 34s

Lesson 2: Configuring VMware Virtual SAN

05m 41s

Lesson 3: Understanding VMware Virtual SAN

08m 56s

Chapter: Module 7 Managing Virtual Machines

Module Intro

00m 34s

Lesson 1: Using Templates and Cloning for Virtual Machine Deployment—Overview

06m 20s

Lesson 2: Using Templates and Cloning for Virtual Machine Deployment—Demo

10m 11s

Lesson 3: Modifying and Managing Virtual Machines

10m 37s

Lesson 4: Understanding Virtual Machine Snapshots

05m 27s

Lesson 5: Creating and Managing Virtual Machine Snapshots

04m 52s

Chapter: Module 8 Managing Migration

Module Intro

00m 42s

Lesson 1: Understanding Migration

06m 18s

Lesson 2: Understanding vMotion Migration

09m 23s

Lesson 3: Managing vMotion Migration

11m 15s

Lesson 4: Understanding Storage vMotion Migration

06m 4s

Lesson 5: Understanding Long Distance vMotion Migration

02m 35s

Chapter: Module 9 Managing vApps and Content Libraries

Module Intro

00m 46s

Lesson 1: Creating vApps

12m 23s

Lesson 2: Understanding Types of Content Libraries

05m 44s

Lesson 3: Deploying Content Libraries

04m 12s

Chapter: Module 10 Managing and Monitoring Resources

Module Intro

00m 42s

Lesson 1: Understanding Virtual Memory Usage

05m 44s

Lesson 2: Understanding Virtual CPU Usage

03m 58s

Lesson 3: Configuring and Managing Resource Pools

10m 44s

Lesson 4: Resource Pools Advanced Usage

09m 0s

Lesson 5: Performance Monitoring and Tuning

10m 34s

Lesson 6: Understanding Performance Data Gathering

04m 44s

Lesson 7: Recognizing Key Performance Indicators

11m 21s

Lesson 8: Using vCenter Server Alarms

10m 1s

Chapter: Module 11 vSphere HA

Module Intro

00m 27s

Lesson 1: Understanding HA

08m 43s

Lesson 2: Understanding HA Architecture

02m 46s

Lesson 3: Understanding Failure Scenarios

05m 54s

Lesson 4: Creating an HA Cluster

04m 57s

Lesson 5: Managing HA Properties

12m 1s

Chapter: Module 12 vSphere Fault Tolerance, Replication, and Data Protection

Module Intro

00m 43s

Lesson 1: Understanding vSphere Fault Tolerance

06m 51s

Lesson 2: Managing vSphere Fault Tolerance

01m 0s

Lesson 3: Using vSphere Replication

03m 28s

Lesson 4: Using vSphere Data Protection

02m 54s

Chapter: Module 13 Understanding Host Scalability

Module Intro

00m 46s

Lesson 1: Understanding the Functions of vSphere DRS Cluster

07m 0s

Lesson 2: Configuring and Managing vSphere DRS Cluster

02m 44s

Lesson 3: Working with Affinity and Anti-Affinity Rules

04m 21s

Lesson 4: Using vSphere HA and DRS Together

01m 33s

Chapter: Module 14 Managing vSphere Update Manager and Host Maintenance

Module Intro

00m 36s

Lesson 1: Using vSphere Update Manager to Manage Patching

03m 46s

Lesson 2: Installing vSphere Update Manager and the Update Manager Plug-in

14m 12s

Lesson 3: Creating Patch Baselines

04m 33s

Lesson 4: Using Host Profiles to Manage ESXi Configuration Compliance

04m 30s

Lesson 5: Scan and Remediate Host

01m 26s

Chapter: Module 15 vRealize Operations Manager

Module Intro

00m 29s

Lesson 1: Understanding the Use of vRealize Operations Manager

04m 23s

Lesson 2: Deploying vRealize Operations Manager

05m 32s

Lesson 3: vRealize Operations Manager Monitoring

04m 41s

Chapter: Summary

vSphere 6 Foundations (Exam #2V0-620): Summary

00m 27s