Books & Videos

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Get to Know Your iPad

    1. Turn the iPad On and Off

    2. Use the Mute and Volume Buttons

    3. Connect Through iPad Jacks and Ports

    4. Add Earbuds and Earphones

    5. Find the Home Button

    6. Tour the Home Screen Icons

    7. Install iTunes on Your Computer

    8. Connect to Your Computer

    9. Set Up Your iPad in iTunes

    10. Disconnect from Your Computer

    11. Work with iTunes

    12. Charge the iPad Battery

    13. Extend Battery Life

    14. Keep the iPad Screen Clean

  2. Chapter 2 Interact with Your iPad

    1. Finger Moves for the iPad

    2. Use the iPad Keyboard

    3. Cut, Copy, and Paste

    4. Discover iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

    5. Use an International Keyboard

    6. Search the iPad

    7. Add an External Keyboard

  3. Chapter 3 Get Online

    1. Should You Use Wi-Fi or 3G?

    2. Get Your Wi-Fi Connection

    3. Use Public Wi-Fi Hot Spots

    4. Stay Secure: Wi-Fi Network Safety Tips

    5. Use a Mobile Broadband Hot Spot

    6. Use Skype to Make Internet Calls

    7. Pick an AT&T 3G Service Plan

    8. Sign Up for AT&T 3G Service

    9. Use the AT&T Data Network

    10. Turn 3G Service Off or On

    11. Change or Cancel Data Plans

    12. Travel Internationally with the iPad

  4. Chapter 4 Surf the Web

    1. Take a Safari Tour

    2. Zoom and Scroll Through Web Pages

    3. Create and Use Safari Bookmarks

    4. Make Home Screen Bookmarks

    5. Jump to Other Web Pages

    6. Edit and Organize Bookmarks and Folders

    7. Sync Your Bookmarks

    8. Call Up Your History List

    9. Save Images From the Web (and Mail)

    10. Stream Web Audio and Video

    11. Work With Online Apps

    12. Social Networking on the iPad

    13. Use Autofill to Save Time

    14. Manipulate Multiple Pages

    15. Pop-up Blockers, Cookies, and Security

  5. Chapter 5 Keep in Touch with Email

    1. Set Up an Email Account (or Two)

    2. Tour the iPad’s Mail Program

    3. Read Mail

    4. Write and Send Email

    5. Take Control of Your Email

    6. Adjust Mail Settings

    7. Webmail on the iPad

    8. POP3 and IMAP Accounts on the iPad

  6. Chapter 6 Use the iPad’s Built-In Apps

    1. Set Up Your Calendar

    2. Use the iPad Calendar

    3. Maintain Contacts

    4. Take Notes

    5. Watch YouTube Clips

    6. Find Your Way with Maps

    7. Locate Your Position with GPS

    8. Get Directions on the Map

    9. View Photos

    10. Watch Videos

    11. Use the iPad as an iPod

    12. Shop iTunes and the App Store

  7. Chapter 7 Shop the App Store

    1. Go to the App Store

    2. Tour the App Store

    3. Set Up an iTunes/App Store Account

    4. Buy, Download, and Install Apps

    5. Uninstall Apps

    6. Search for Apps

    7. Scale Up iPhone Apps

    8. Organize Apps

    9. Adjust App Preferences

    10. Update Apps

    11. Troubleshoot Apps

  8. Chapter 8 iBooks & ePeriodicals

    1. Download the iBooks App

    2. Go to the iBookstore

    3. Browse and Search for Books

    4. Buy and Download a Book

    5. Find Free iBooks

    6. Sync Books with iTunes

    7. Add Other eBooks to the iPad

    8. Read an iBook

    9. Change the Type in an iBook

    10. Search an iBook

    11. Use the Dictionary

    12. Make Bookmarks and Notes

    13. Use Newspaper and Magazine Apps

    14. Subscribe to ePublications

    15. Delete an iBook

  9. Chapter 9 Play Games

    1. Find iPad Games

    2. Play Games

    3. Play Multiplayer Games

    4. Troubleshoot Games

    5. An iPad Games Gallery

  10. Chapter 10 Get Productive with iWork

    1. Meet iWork

    2. Get Started with iWork

    3. Create Documents in Pages

    4. Create Spreadsheets in Numbers

    5. Create Presentations in Keynote

    6. Import, Export, and Share iWork Files

  11. Chapter 11 Organize and Sync Media Files with iTunes

    1. The iTunes Window

    2. How iTunes Organizes Your Content

    3. Where iTunes Stores Your Files

    4. The iTunes Store

    5. The Wireless iTunes Store

    6. Check for Downloads

    7. Authorize Computers for iTunes Files

    8. Deauthorize Your Computer

    9. Automatically Sync the iPad

    10. Manually Sync to Your iPad

    11. Sync Music

    12. Sync Video

    13. Sync Photos

    14. Sync Info

    15. Sync Podcasts

    16. Sync Books

    17. Sync Apps and Games

    18. Troubleshoot Syncing Problems

  12. Chapter 12 Mastering iTunes

    1. Change the Look of the iTunes Window

    2. Change the Size of the iTunes Window

    3. Change Import Settings for Better Audio Quality

    4. Four Ways to Browse Your Collection

    5. Get a Birds-Eye Look at Your Collection with Grid View

    6. Search for Songs in iTunes

    7. You’re the Critic: Rate Your Music

    8. Listen to Internet Radio

    9. Change a Song’s File Format

    10. Change a Song’s Start and Stop Times

    11. Improve Your Tunes with the Graphic Equalizer

    12. Edit Song Information

    13. Edit Album Information and Song Gaps

    14. Make a New Playlist in iTunes

    15. Change or Delete an Existing Playlist

    16. iTunes DJ: Get the Party Started

    17. Make a Genius Playlist in iTunes

    18. Genius Mixes in iTunes

    19. Smart Playlists: Another Way for iTunes to Assemble Playlists

    20. Set Up Multiple iTunes Libraries

    21. Three Kinds of Discs You Can Create with iTunes

    22. See Your iTunes Purchase History and Get iTunes Store Help

    23. Buy Songs from Other Music Stores

    24. Move the iTunes Music/Media Folder to an External Drive

    25. Back Up Your iTunes Files to Disc

  13. Chapter 13 Play Music and Other Audio

    1. Get Music and Audio for Your iPad

    2. Explore the iPod Menu

    3. Play Music

    4. Play Audiobooks and Podcasts

    5. Control the Now Playing Screen

    6. Get Album Art in iTunes

    7. Add Lyrics in iTunes

    8. Make Playlists

    9. Make Genius Playlists on the iPad

  14. Chapter 14 Watch Videos

    1. Get Video on Your iPad

    2. Transfer Video from iTunes to iPad

    3. Find and Play Videos on the iPad

    4. Play iPad Videos on Your TV

    5. Video Formats That Work on the iPad

    6. Delete Videos

  15. Chapter 15 View and Manage Photos

    1. Get Pictures onto Your iPad

    2. Find Pictures on Your iPad

    3. View Pictures on Your iPad

    4. Play Slideshows on Your iPad

    5. Play Slideshows on Your TV

    6. Change the iPad’s Wallpaper

    7. Turn the iPad into a Picture Frame

  16. Chapter 16 Sync Up with MobileMe

    1. Sign Up for MobileMe

    2. Set Up MobileMe on a PC or Mac

    3. Use the MobileMe Gallery

    4. Use iDisk

  1. Appendix iPad Settings

    1. Tour the iPad Settings

  2. Appendix iPad Troubleshooting and Care

    1. Apple’s iPad Troubleshooting Pages

    2. Reset Your iPad

    3. Download and Reinstall iTunes and iTunes Updates

    4. Update the iPad’s Software

    5. Use iPad Backup Files

    6. Start Over: Restore Your iPad’s Software

    7. Protect Your iPad

    8. AppleCare—What It Is and Whether You Need It