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Table of Contents

Chapter: Overview: Build an Android Twitter App

Getting Ready to Build a Twitter App

14m 29s

O'Auth Twitter Authentication and Q&A

22m 18s

Chapter: Week 1: Getting Authenticated with Twitter

Example Files

00m 6s

Introduction and Review of OAuth

05m 8s

Becoming an OAuth Consumer

19m 16s

Is the User Authenticated?

13m 56s

Loading Twitter's Authentication Page

11m 43s

Saving the Access Tokens

37m 35s

Chapter: Week 2: Displaying Tweets and the Twitter Public Timeline

Example Files for Week 2

00m 6s

Introduction to Loading Tweets and Threading

03m 57s

Loading the Twitter Home Timeline

25m 51s

Loading Newer Tweets

25m 28s

Loading Older Tweets

11m 55s

Loading on a Thread

27m 19s

Showing the Status Detail View

15m 8s

Chapter: Week 3: Tweeting from Your App

Example Files for Week 3

00m 6s

Introduction to Threads and Tweets

04m 51s

Loading Avatars with Threads

13m 52s

Loading Avatars with Async Task

35m 49s

Loading Tweets with Async Tasks

14m 57s

Navigating with a Menu

20m 45s

Posting Tweets

15m 18s

Wrap Up, Homework and Q&A

08m 52s

Chapter: Week 4: Adding Style to Your App

Example Files for Week 4

00m 6s

Introduction to Skinning and Styling your Twitter App

07m 16s

Creating a Theme with Colors and Fonts

30m 58s

Styling Menus and Buttons

33m 54s

Styling the Text Area and the List

24m 53s

Styling for Different Screens

21m 23s

Chapter: Week 5: Posting Photos from Your App

Example Files for Week 5

00m 6s

Introduction to Posting your Photos to Twitter

07m 2s

Getting Ready for Photos

20m 21s

Attaching a Photo from the Library

30m 27s

Attaching a Photo from the Camera

28m 35s

Posting a Photo

17m 11s

Recap of course and Q&A

05m 27s

Overview: Build an Android Twitter App

00m 6s